Tһіѕ іѕ a Classic Era Emotivid using a song HOW IS IT WE ARE HERE bу tһе Mοοԁу Blues 1970

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19 Responses to “How is it we are here?(moody blues)”
  1. dahoser44 says:

    I had not seen this one yet, thank you for posting! 5****
    Thank you Wolfgang for another great share my friend!

  2. timemariner says:

    Back in 1970-71 I was a young amateur acheologist, just being exposed to the Moody Blues’ music. Could not help but make a “connection” to the woodland Indians, whose summer camp I was helping to excavate. The world is definitely a greater part of our lives now


    Pinder was missed and could not be replaced. Outstanding work..

  4. kenlo77 says:

    I was fortunate to see the Moody blues perform with the Cleveand Orchestra at Blossom Music center … awesome
    I have the video tape of the MB at red rock …. a gift from my wife … Red Rock is so picturesque

  5. StanBennet says:

    I wish Pinder would have been along in the 90′s when they were touring with the orchestras. I agree, this is a great song, along with the album.

  6. icaredamnit says:

    Ah, boy, this is my favorite MB song for all the reasons you folks mention (great summation markmanius). Got the album when it came out and was hooked. I miss Pinder and his Mellotron. Nice to know I’m not alone in loving this song.

  7. markmanius says:

    Thanks for posting – this one definitely
    on my top 5 Moodies fav. song list .
    Over the top mellotron sounds to get lost
    in – melodic bass – awesome guitar
    solo thats not to forward in the mix .
    These guys were definitely wizards in
    the recording studio . . . am I # 280 ?

  8. domeyhead1 says:

    First time I’ve heard that haunting song for 30 years. The world seemed much bigger then. Now it seems so small.

  9. fluffythecat2 says:

    hey Emoti….

    you might add the words
    Moody Blues to the title of this video
    so that more people might know to watch it

    thanks Emot…

  10. fluffythecat2 says:

    It doesnt have the MB name on it

    so why listen?

  11. ilnavii says:

    my history teacher used this song to introduce a new unit on anthropology…. it’s kinda cool….

  12. coniferblack says:

    I agree. The guitar solo takes me places!

  13. Jelperman says:

    Hayward never gets his due as a guitarist, but the solo on this song is UNBELIEVABLE!

  14. coniferblack says:

    Haunting song and so poignant.

  15. ilovekansas says:

    The guitar piece from 1:33 to 1:58 is classic Moodies sound

  16. blunderbuss999 says:

    The Mellotron diping/rising sounds like The Sunday Mystery Movie theme, done a few after this song was made.

  17. EGMAG says:

    Hey that was creative! Is there a hollywood or theater movie to that?

  18. grrimm1 says:

    can’t believe this timeless music has only been viewed 279 times. This song speaks the truth still today. what is up with this planet anyway? Don’t we all have ones that we love that will inherit our world? Peace light love

  19. ilovekansas says:

    One of my all time Mike Pinder / Moody Blues songs. Bass beat, harmonic mellotron, great guitar. Rock on, boys!

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