Hοw Mercury KіƖƖѕ tһе Brain ~ Autism

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25 Responses to “How Mercury Kills the Brain ~ Autism”
  1. batigol47 says:

    correction that should be 1/1000 not 1/10000. Besides the point since the actual ratio was far smaller.

  2. batigol47 says:

    Pick a Modern European History text of your choice. Might I suggest to you Merriman (start with the introduction) or Davies (start with p.409).
    30 MILLION people died. Even if the rate of clergy was 1/10000(it was not) that would be some 30000 dead priests.
    Mostly though, by even questioning me on this you show an absolutely glaring lack of historical knowledge.

  3. Hehesheesh says:

    @batigol47 And the source of your so
    called information would be? You sound
    like just so much hot air to me.

  4. batigol47 says:

    @Hehesheesh I was being conservative. There were millions of people in Europe and there was only one religion. Priests were plentiful. So, I suggest you use some basic research skills to learn some history before you try to call someone else out.

  5. Hehesheesh says:

    Ok practice what you preach. You want facts without drama? Please give facts without drama. First of all, during the plague you refer to there wasn’t “thousands upon thousands of priests” in existence available to die. Oh my…

  6. batigol47 says:

    Plague killed thousands upon thousands of priests.
    Provide scientific evidence that raw garlic is as effective or more effective than vaccines.

  7. fatherprime says:

    Raw garlic, among many other natural herbs, are safer vaccines. It’s not right to lie. But its cool for the doctors to not mention that their are other options for prevention of disease. It’s even better for them to claim that alternative medicines like raw garlic are not effective, only placebos. LOL Even though the only thing that explains why the plague didn’t kill the priests who prayed at bed side while the victims were dying. Before vaccines were made. They ate raw garlic while they prayed

  8. cassiavc says:

    Bullshit! I ingested mercury and I still okay.

  9. skirts365 says:

    Who controls Big Pharma? A secret society called The Pilgrims Society every US President & Secretary of State are members it’s connected to the British Crown who made tens of millions of Chinese Opium addicts in the 19th century. Astors, Rockefellers, DuPonts, Windsors, Warburgs, Livingstons, Mellons, Harrimans, Roosevelts, Vanderbilts, Rothschilds are members. “A Secret Society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world”—Cecil Rhodes, diamond monopolist & Crown operative

  10. BrendanIsCool says:

    I wish you would quickly kill yourself

    you know nothing about biomedicine or chemistry and should bite your tongue

  11. batigol47 says:

    If the industry is so powerful, how is it that they allowed mandates to be passed against them that have all but eliminated consumer products using mercury?
    Our environments are poisoned by a vast multitude of things, and nearly all of them are side effects, not some concerted effort for corporate profits.
    All of your bitching takes place in the context of a world where many diseases have already been combated by these things you rail against. and tangential to the discussion taking place here.

  12. drcraigm says:

    The above comments that feel mercury is safe are obviously connected to the industry that uses mercury and profits from the horrible diseases caused by it. Science in the USA is completely controlled by the corporations that are getting rich off of our death and dying from environmental-related toxicity. Stop buying into the lies that mercury and pesticides are safe, they are slowly killing all of us.

  13. darksideofthebrick13 says:

    Hydrogynum. very bad stuff.

  14. darksideofthebrick13 says:

    i most certianly agree. people don’t care about the truth, they care about the amount of money they get from lying.

  15. batigol47 says:

    You said that he was not right before the vaccines.
    It is statistically insignificant, disrespectful or not. Science does not respect mythology. People can believe whatever they want but in this case their spreading hysteria impacts the welfare of others. These thousands, even if they were right, which there is absolutely no proof for, would not come close to matching the cost in lives money and damage we would suffer if we did not have the vaccines.

  16. batigol47 says:

    Yes, there are videos of both UFOS and bigfoot. That is entirely the point. People see what they want to see.

  17. Jolotank says:

    Don’t know what caused it, but it is irrational to land on a conclusion that is unsupported.

  18. Jolotank says:

    No, there are videos of bigfoot. They’re blurry and from a distance. Videos of children “becoming autistic” would have similar validity. Show me one of these videos, and I’ll show you why the cause is not obvious.

    The problem you are having is that you say something is obvious when evidence suggests it is not. You’ve made up your mind before knowing the whole story, so you’re not accepting any alternatives including “we don’t know so let’s keep looking”.

  19. chrisporteous08 says:

    @Jolotank i understand what you are saying that some parents may just jump on the band wagon in desperation, on the subject of testimonials though, there arent videos of big foot and little green men but there is videos of children speaking and playing then becoming autistic all of sudden, there is most deffiently a cause for this and the obvious one is vaccinations i’m afraid

  20. chrisporteous08 says:

    @batigol47 it wasnt hysteria when my mum took my brother to the hospital, she told the doctor he had been ill after the vaccine and then we find out he has brain damage, seeming as you are so sure that its just hysteria maybe you can tell me what has caused the brain damage in this case and in the thousands that are exactly the same? or will you just say i don’t know but it is not vaccines? and to also say it is insignificant is a very disrespectful, how many lives does it take to make it wrong?

  21. batigol47 says:

    THousands of testimonials are a drop in the bucket. Absolutely insignificant statistically in this scenario. Combine it with the fact that such hysteria has been raised and that lawyers are actively advertising to people and it is hardly surprising that these “testimonials” are on the rise. It is simply not an uncommon occurrence for a popular misconception to gain momentum.

  22. Jolotank says:

    There are also thousands of testimonials from people who believe they’ve seen little green men, bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster. None of these people can provide a shred of evidence of their accounts. This is why we don’t take them seriously.

    Add in any emotionally charged subject, in this case parents talking about their ill children, and you the recipe for delusion and false correlation to try to understand what’s going on.

  23. chrisporteous08 says:

    @Jolotank i understand and except what you are saying don’t get me wrong, but one thing i don’t understand is how thousands of testimonials can be put down to people grasping at straws, it may not be mercury but there is something not right with these vaccines and i do agree with you in some ways, i have had more vaccines than your average person due to my job and i am in good health but i hounestly believe that some people just have a weakness to these jabs and it is harming a lot of children.

  24. Jolotank says:

    I don’t have an answer for this as I do not know your brother.

    I do know that single case testimonials are extremely weak evidence.

    I’m telling you this as somebody who has had 2 horrible migraines in my entire life – both times it was within hours of getting the MMR vaccine. My case does not provide much meaningful evidence, nor does it suggest vaccines should not be taken. Furthermore, it adds no evidence that mercury causes autism, which is the purpose of this video.

  25. chrisporteous08 says:

    here is the sequence of events that happened with my own brother, he was allways a little bit poorly after vaccines but never too bad, he used 2 able to count to 8 as he walked up the stairs, then he had MMR jab was ill again but this time he stopped talking and was just sitting in the corner not interacting with anyone, so my mum takes him 2 the local hospital where she is told he now has severe brain damage, what do you propose is the cause of the brain damage if it is not the vaccine?

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