Know tһе early signs οf autism аחԁ check tο see іf уουr child exhibits tһеm.

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25 Responses to “How to Recognize the Early Signs of Autism”
  1. Abbafails says:

    DUde autism might be when
    the mother is not there to do all this

  2. TennesseeHusker says:

    This is important information. Early interventions for children with autism can help them to learn essential skills.

  3. kimaam says:

    johnnytheawesomeguy LoL at your response! but it was a cute video.

  4. fuckyousonsofbitches says:


    im a retarD!

  5. bluecv8zmonaro says:

    Get a hair sample tested for Ionic Heavy Metal Poisoning. this would be an important baseline survey for future problems in this area.

  6. JonnytheAwesomeGuy says:

    whoever drew this shit is autistic.

  7. JonnytheAwesomeGuy says:

    yea go down to ur house and eatz teh beoches

  8. GypsyLifeForMe says:

    this is a good video.
    no offense to anyone living with an autistic child, but i truly believe it can be prevented and “cured” by just interacting with your children alot, keeping them busy and entertained.
    don’t treat them like they have something wrong with them or they will act like there is something wrong. maybe they’re bored with their surroundings. stir things up and make life FUN for the children. no medication needed.

  9. cooldit1 says:

    Good for you. It sickens me how some people treat autistic kids like trash. You will be a great impact on your brothers life. I heard some kids at a school almost killed an autistic kid by hitting him with their car then one kid got out and peed on him, and they drove off. The boy survived the ordeal. But this story is true that i just told. Stay in high spirits and always thank god for having a brother, no matter if he has autism or not. Are you religious? You dont need to answer just askin.

  10. cooldit1 says:

    stop speaking bull shit AENIMA42069

  11. eatenhogg says:

    My daughter has autism. ALOT of people think they know when a kid has autism, they don’t. My daughter doesn’t talk much, she doesn’t like to be touched and if you do, she goes under something like a blanket. The most common thing with autism is that kids can zoom out of reality and go to their own world for 10 min.- 2 hours.

  12. Ghozteit says:

    Nice infomercial, but seriously, you shouldn’t worry too much about wether your child is autistic – or for that matter if your child has any other condition/disorder. If your child is autistic, your child is autistic and worrying and fretting over it won’t do anyone any good. That is not to say you shouldn’t consult a psychologist/psychiatrist if you child shows signs of autistic behavior.

  13. superkaratekid09 says:

    i have aspergers syndrome

  14. tickleperson2 says:

    cool story bro.

  15. fuckyousonsofbitches says:

    aint it tho

  16. fuckyousonsofbitches says:

    I’m arguably aspergers myself, but you have to keep in mind how much of a troll I am. I talk shit about my own people!

    But to be honest, it is arguable that I have aspergers. It really is

  17. yassin166 says:


  18. tickleperson2 says:

    i think people prefer understanding to sympathy.

  19. tickleperson2 says:

    “There were no ‘neurologists’ or nursing homes. People cared for family at home. ”

    how well do you think people coped though?

    if you are an old couple and you have a child with aspergers or an LD who has challenging behaviour then what do you do when they are stronger than you?

    people were locked in attics etc back in the day.

    and whats with putting neurology in these “” ?

    have doctors let you down in the past?

  20. tickleperson2 says:

    have you told your mum how you feel about that?

    she might understand and stop.

    worth a try.

  21. tickleperson2 says:

    cool story bro.

  22. tickleperson2 says:

    you’re saying that but i have just come from a video on aspergers where you were abusive in the comments section.

    are you by any chance full of shit?

  23. tickleperson2 says:

    nurses ftw.

    pushy parents get better services from doctors.

    sad but true.

    (i’m nearly a nurse)

  24. starlaeuropa says:

    Thats really sad, other people’s ignorance knows no bounds does it?
    I just hope that YOU never have to deal with a child with autism!!!

  25. 2009jimmy2009 says:

    who gives a fuck?

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