I give a few more brief facts аbουt mу experiences wіtһ Autism, аחԁ I аƖѕο give mу opinion οח wһаt іt’s Ɩіkе tο bе Autistic. Sorry аbουt tһе increasing noise іח tһе background; tһеу аrе trimming tһе hedges аƖƖ around tһе neighborhood. Oh, аחԁ bу tһе way, іt’s a GOOSE, חοt a duck.

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25 Responses to “I am a High-Functioning Autistic Individual (Part 2)”
  1. screamolives says:

    Sorry but I love your headwear :P

  2. CleverGenevieve says:

    I have a video titled “THERE’S A REBEL FLAG IN MY ROOM AND I DON’T CARE!”
    That video also explains why I frequently wear a goose on my head.

  3. cyraxthehedgehog says:

    whats that bird doing on ur head?

  4. CleverGenevieve says:

    @bethcarliseh Are you sure you’ve never been around an Autie? There may be several that you might not know about right around you.
    I couple of my good acquaintances from school are Autistic, and I didn’t find out until a couple of years ago. But now that I look back, it was sooo obvious, no wonder we got along so well. :)

  5. bethcarliseh says:

    I’m autistic for sure. Everything that this wonderful woman says is true about me. Autistic people are amazing and I have never been around any of them in real life.

  6. highwaysong007 says:

    Your Fiance is a lucky man.

  7. BrandonJ280 says:

    Hey clever I watched your video and you do some of the same things I do. We have alot in common as far as the facial expressions, eye contact, and socializing. And yes social interaction with alot of people can be stressful. But I love the way u carry yourself and u understand what u are and u feel good about it. I know im autistic also either high-functioning or something called aspergers which is about the same. I really liked your video and feel free to leave a comment on one that i Made.

  8. gth3andatvs60 says:

    how old are u

  9. HK51415 says:

    I’m thinking that you could offer your assistance to an institution like Kennedy Kreiger or school systems that have special programming available to students with Autism. It really could be anything you want it to be. I envision you visiting programs and observing students engaged in their daily educational activities and making recommendations to teachers and program directors on how to improve those activities. I’m not sure how you’d get started though…

  10. CleverGenevieve says:

    Ummm… I don’t know, maybe. What would that entail, exactly?

  11. HK51415 says:

    I wish you could become a speech pathologist’s consultant and help us better understand how to provide interesting, engaging and meaning instructional opportunities for our students with autism. Do you think you could offer assistance with providing such instruction to students with various types of Autism (across the spectrum “high-functioning” through “low functioning”)? Thank you for your fantastic post!

  12. pongoid says:

    Again, I am grateful for your efforts to build better understanding of differences in information processing and priority of satisfaction between autistic individual and neurotypical individuals. You speak a slightly different dialect of English, and Western body language than most others around you, but it is still quite understandable after the realization of difference is made, or explained.

  13. CleverGenevieve says:

    I believe High-Functioning means how well I can function by myself in society. If I wanted to, I could live independently just fine, without the help of guardians of therapists. I can communicate well if I try, and I don’t have too many sensory issues.
    Lower functioning autistics would find it more difficult to function in society without some help, or may not be able to live independently at all. This may be due to sensitivities, communication skills, etc.

  14. CleverGenevieve says:

    If everyone would keep those sentiments in mind, the world would be a much better place! Kudos!

  15. conorpacman says:

    I find listening to you very easy, Your friend was ignorant, but I can completely understand why she said it.

    You’re clearly v intelligent, but does high functioning just mean in respect 2 communication? Does low functioning Autism only refer to the amount of communication they can have


    On what you said on group situations, I can only say that from my experience its all to do with how comfortable you are in those situations.

    make another vid abt ur talents

  16. MissJemimaPuddleduck says:

    Woah. This is interesting…How come nobody ever explained this to me before?!?!?!?! Thanks. Both your videos on this topic were enlightening.

  17. CityzenJane says:

    @gasmbay me too…i am an introvert… well capable of keeping myself highly entertained and interested in whatever I am actually interested in…drained by too much time with others..

  18. CityzenJane says:

    @tax1dancer I generally assume when people are pausing while talking – that they are actually thinking. I wish more people paused while talking!

  19. CityzenJane says:

    @SageBodisattva hmm… I don’t think turning ‘neurotypical’ into an insult is a way forward – two wrongs and all that… You go by “bodisattva” – more compassion would be required for you to really deserve the label.

    I agree with you that ‘eccentric genius’ was what people who were on the high end of the spectrum were called in the past – and perhaps a return is warrented…but there are many very mundane autistic people as well.

    Either way – compassion in all directions!

  20. CityzenJane says:

    Ignorance can bring us some really awkward moments! Good for you for making space for more bright young people like yourself.

    I LOVE the birdie!

    And being normal is very VERY over rated!

  21. tax1dancer says:

    Hey whitney, you are the ‘best’ example of HFA/ASP that i have seen.Some on here are too Normal, or too Autistic, but you are the perfect balance i think to show the world. I am 40 yr old male with ASP and i tend to think and speak in stilted fashion with weird pauses just like you, and tend to think and solve probs differently. This along with auditory learning probs has caused me to lose many jobs before i was finally diagnosed with ASP.

  22. RibbonCreature says:

    My whole life my family thought i was high functioning autistic. And I can understand why because of the symptoms that you listed, like social awkwardness, rocking, stuttering, repeating, stuff like that. But I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and other things like ADD, and social and anxiety disorders, so I can see where they would get confused. I have a hard time communicating vocally though. But nevertheless, I can relate to you. People have also falsely assumed I was stupid too. Eccentricity :)

  23. xAllie88x says:

    considered able to be a therapist. I know what you mean about communication with people as well, it is greatly difficult for me. I find you very inspiring, as I know there are others like me out there. My best friend is also my boyfriend, I have few close friends but even they don’t competely understand me, only my boyfriend does. I would really like to message you sometime or something.

  24. xAllie88x says:

    Assuming that means I am not autistic. I have alot of obsessions as you do as well, and I spend hours doing and researching different things, and alot of ritualistic behaviours that I have to do. I have more than one dream, mutiple ambitions and do not see why I cannot follow all of them. My main dream though is to be a dance therapist as I have one who has helped me greatly to express myself and help me express myself a little better. But I fear because of my conditions, I will never be

  25. xAllie88x says:

    Sorry, I thought I would continue my comment on that video. I also know what you mean when people tell you you look normal and that they think nothing is wrong with you, I get that alot, but people who get to know me notice the symptoms more. For example, physically, I stutter, make random noises and twitch a lot. With my racing thoughts, I feel like something is taking over my brain and that I am not really here. I am also far too intelligent for my own good so I get alot of people assuming

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