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25 Responses to “I do not hate women I sometimes hate their choices of bad blokes who use them”
  1. RealAgentOfSHIELD says:

    There are SOME women who sort of try to make these “bad boys” into self-esteem projects thinking that if they can change him that will validate their self-worth … never works.

  2. RalphCramdenJr says:

    @SqueeMouseofHorror No worries, friend. :-]
    And you’re right. those traits are annoying, but it is a learning experience. Twists my head in knots sometimes, lol!

  3. SqueeMouseofHorror says:

    @RalphCramdenJr LMAO sorry, I screwed up my response (the one that I just deleted), I meant to say I DON’T hate nor will never hate anyone and her and I view the world through through a similar light lol, we ARE very annoyed by people but thats just the beauty of it lol

  4. RalphCramdenJr says:

    @SqueeMouseofHorror Hate is a strong word. I prefer “Annoyed” lol!
    I admire those who stay nice guys – or seek or persue that path, more than people who compromise their morals and/or flies at the drop of a hat for a lay.
    Good luck buddy. :-)

  5. SqueeMouseofHorror says:

    @RalphCramdenJr I’ve now found someone that radiates at the same frequency I do… we both hate everyone lol

  6. RalphCramdenJr says:


    4) this may or may not apply to you: size does matter. They lie.
    Keep them in their natural state: self deception and narcissism. and thinking they’re incredibly deep. Anything else will cause a chain reaction of her, her girlfriends, and possibly the entire “free” plastic world to socially ostracize or possibly excommunicate you.

    5) Ignore all your needs, love them and care only about them.

    Good luck, buddy.

  7. RalphCramdenJr says:

    @SqueeMouseofHorror Good for you!!!!!! Here’s some advice if you ever want to turn to the dark side.
    Here’s my advice in these plastic narcissistic days:

    1) Turn plastic and shallow.

    2) Look out for number one – them.

    3) Get rid of all semblance of depth as it relates to anything else except complimenting them.

  8. rickis09 says:


  9. MissKatRob says:

    Men often make bad decisions too! Its not a thing of sexes, its a thing of being young and naive.

  10. insanetrickster says:

    @badcoraphael You mangina.

  11. reesescupbrandy1 says:


    I’m terribly sorry..

  12. captaingangsta25 says:

    @Chezrocksall I’m the one thats sorry. I’ve just been frustrated with bitches because it seems like they are all the same. Continue to act selfless man but remember that girls will hate you for it. However I do think that 2/10 girls might like a nice dude its just I haven’t ran into any of them yet. Its sad that being nice comes with a price but I don’t care because I’m just a nice dude.

  13. Chezrocksall says:

    @captaingangsta25 Also I am sorry for sounding rude to you. I am just trying to make a point and I am not a &%#&, I am an autistic teenager that was raised to act selfless, but yes I am sorry for being rude and please forgive me.

  14. Chezrocksall says:

    @captaingangsta25 First of all I am not a girl, second I am just saying that girls are humans like everyone else. I am a boy and I was just making a point, but yes I do understand what you are saying.

  15. captaingangsta25 says:

    @badcoraphael Hey dude I feel you thats why i do a few things to continue to be a nice guy. 1. smoke weed it gives you the same butterfly stomach thing that love gives you, 2. Go to the strip club. Hookers are to risky its better to have a hot stripper dancing on you then risk an STD. 3. Masterbate. I will always be a nice guy because I don’t give a fuck about evil girls anymore.

  16. captaingangsta25 says:

    @Chezrocksall If girls want to be treated like humans then they should act like humans not some evil alien race.

  17. captaingangsta25 says:

    @Chezrocksall Oh really I’ve been waiting for a stupid girl like you to say this. WHY THE FUCK DO GIRLS ONLY GO FOR ASSHOLES!!!!! Its either your a complete dick or your a super model. An average looking guy that is nice has no chance with girls. I on the other hand would marry right now a girl that was nice and average looking. Those girls don’t exist because they are superficial and some what evil. Anyone who convinces half the human race that being a dick head is best has to be evil.

  18. Chezrocksall says:

    @p1gta1p Hey listen here not all women have low iq’s and women are HUMAN like we all are so every woman must be treated with RESPECT, do you understand? Woman are human beings like men are!!

  19. p1gta1p says:

    Women have low IQs and should be treated like animals.

  20. mmmmmarcus says:

    There are no monogamous primates.

    So dont feel too obligated about the commercial concept of “love”..

    Altruism is merely a survival strategy used by certain animals to survive. The media has poisoned everyone’s minds about what Altruism really is..

    Since humans are on easy street, “love” is no longer a biological necessity for survival, rendering the pursuit of it pointless. (And oftentimes quite expensive!)

    Sorry to take the magic out of it, but this is the truth.

  21. Ylfordt says:

    I have a question (seriously)
    Do you have experience talking to girls?
    I mean, I see the same patterns that you see but I never talk to girls.
    It’s not out of hatred but it just seems like, there is nothing to say.

  22. Ylfordt says:

    “Soul of a woman was created below”
    ~Led Zepplin

  23. BADGTS says:

    We men are allways in the shit it’s the depth that varies .

  24. BADGTS says:

    @cunneto2912 LMAO i here you my bro Peace .

  25. Meth138 says:

    You sound like some thung blaming nice
    guy singing the cant get laid blues.

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