Wһο wουƖԁ һаνе tһουɡһt.

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18 Responses to “I got Asperger’s syndrome: Part 1”
  1. SuperGoldfish1999 says:

    people with asperger’s hate two things in life: atlanta, georgia and germany, that’s the reason why aspies are superior =D

  2. Sitheis2009 says:

    It’s an easey mistake to make, but it’s actually not spelt as-burger; it’s pernounced az-perger.

  3. GnosticAtheist says:

    @hugesinker I want to lick between the buns of the assburgers to taste the sweet, brown piece of meat within.

  4. GnosticAtheist says:

    @AbusiveAntitheist Everyone in the whole world has some kind of mental disorder. Thats just the order of things.

    I made a funny. Yes.

  5. GnosticAtheist says:

    Assburger syndrome FTW.

    I have had several assburger friends over the years. Some I could have sex with without going to jail, some not. That said, those where minors… Wait. I was a minor back then as well. Damn.

    You are an introverted fuck. You do not seem to be very assburgerish to me at all. No, fuck those diagnosis in the ass with a big nigger-cock.

    Im extroverted. One friend of mine calls me introtarded. But this is taking to long. I am high. I must go make more food.

  6. ozzenz says:

    @Comptech224 for people who have asperger it may sometimes may them feel better to tell other peoples about it

  7. AbusiveAntitheist says:

    hmmm you’re making me think I have aspergers /:

  8. sharbtur says:

    @Fjarhultian no i havent

  9. Fjarhultian says:

    @Fjarhultian Fucking anti-URL filter.

  10. Fjarhultian says:

    Haven’t watched the other part, but I’ll ask a damn question anyway. Have you been on WrongPlanet(dot)net? It’s a fairly good forum.

  11. hugesinker says:

    Shut up about your ass-burger and eat it already.

  12. EmceeGlitch says:

    I still want to have gay sex with you.

  13. sharbtur says:

    @Comptech224 yes am serius but am comfortable joking about it and i was diagnosed by goverment psycholigists

  14. Comptech224 says:

    If you are being serious in this case, I’m not entirely sure, but I would say most of that sounds somewhat straight on. At least through here though you seem to be attempting to get to know people through your videos. You at least entertain the thought that people enjoy seeing what you do. Considering that if you do have this syndrome, then I’m afraid it doesn’t seem to fit somewhat. Then again I’m no professional, I still have more studying to do at my university.

  15. sharbtur says:

    @sundaymorningsleeper i do like to be with friends its just sometimes i wanna be alone.
    i was the same at that age but it was hard to get friends, i did not know why i was diffrent from the other children and asbergers was fairly new then so i did not get diagnosed.
    everyone asumed i had ADD/ADHD/DAMP so i did not grow up in a enviroment that was suited for my “needs”, so its good you know about it at this young age

  16. ubergossen says:

    Gonna do another one of those stupid “I’m the same way, but not actually the same way” comments.

    I also really don’t like small talk. Doesn’t have anything to do with me not being good at small talk, I’m actually really good at it when I try to be. I just don’t like disingenuous communication.

    Most of the time I don’t want to talk to people I don’t know and probably won’t really like when I could be talking to my friends that I actually like.

  17. sundaymorningsleeper says:

    My son has it, and I refuse to call it Asperger’s. I say “high functioning autism” and it takes longer but it is worth it. lol. You don’t seem to worry or want to fit in, you’re happy to be left alone, but my son is 8 and really does want to make friends/meet people and saying “I have ASSBURGERS!” doesn’t really help the situation any lol.

  18. ubergossen says:

    Good to hear from you again.

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