tһіѕ іѕ fοr anyone wһο һаѕ aaspergers οr аחу mental illnes, јυѕt ot Ɩеt уου know tһаt wһаt еνеr іt іѕ oyu һаνе уου саח ԁο wһаt уου want, don’t Ɩеt іt ѕtοр уου, I HAVE DONE IT ѕο ѕο саח уου add mу msn іf уου want tο talk swornfamilyhotmail.com i саח һеƖр bе strong

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  1. englishambassador says:

    @TheBatchGuy no problem that is what it is here for
    you should go see someone, i am no expert but if you swishto talk add my msn ;)
    thanks for subbing be sure to check out the rest of my vids if you have the courage haha

  2. TheBatchGuy says:

    gee… after watch this video in its entirety and still wanting more, I have realized I should have listened to my parents when they said that they strongly think I have a social-awkwardness disease. I don’t think autism is it, though. (Even though I clearly have all of the symptoms (minus the showing facial emotions (my medium is usually through neutral emotion (wow! this is a very big array of parentheses)))) Thanks for this video!

  3. englishambassador says:

    @procrastin8r89 sry lol i think i replied on my new channel lol
    i have an english london accent but with a french twang to it, it is wierd XD
    coz i live in france

  4. procrastin8r89 says:

    and what accent/dialect do you have? I love linguistics and accents but unfortunately I’m clueless about the English accents…

  5. FiveANGRYmen says:

    @procrastin8r89 i am glad it could be of some help i find making a vid reall y helps me deal with it be sure to subscribe and all ;)
    and maybe make your own vid helps get the stres away

  6. procrastin8r89 says:

    You’re great lol. I feel as if I just met you in person and am so glad I clicked on this. I mean, yes, aside from the cursing, lol (yes, destress), it is seriously surreal to see someone acting just like me. …the yelling at the loved ones thing? yeah.
    Thank you SO much for this =]. My mom and the family and I hadn’t assumed I had aspergers until the summer before I left for college. I still haven’t been able to get a diagnosis but it’s great to see this. AWESOME!

  7. englishambassador says:

    @jayive34 well i tis not to late to do it ;)

  8. jayive34 says:

    I admire this guy. he did what I could never did. Way to go man.

  9. englishambassador says:

    @rafiqreaper excactly people listen to this guy, excercise for ****’s sake haha
    nice one pal ;)

  10. rafiqreaper says:

    i have overweight genes and i’m currently 2kg underweight.(i did excercise lol)

  11. ainhoator says:

    Don’t worry :-) .

  12. englishambassador says:

    @LieutenantMatt2 yeah same here, i have gone completely the opposite to the disorder, the counciliing really helped me too
    plus a strong will
    you can do anything

  13. englishambassador says:

    @Kapliz haha god for you, thanks for watching :)

  14. englishambassador says:

    @ainhoator yeah i do all the time, i end up saying somehting but i only realise what i said after i say it so, it gets me into trouble, and people think i just blame it on my aspergers but i don’t
    as you can se ei don’t hide
    sorry for the late reply :)

  15. Kapliz says:

    I don’t have aspergers btw!! :P

  16. Kapliz says:


  17. ainhoator says:

    Your vid has put me in a good mood. Have you ever got into a row not because of WHAT you said but just because of HOW you said it? My bf has Aspergers and it took me a while to realize that many of our disagreements came from how he phrased things. Ever since I noticed that, the amount of arguments per week decresaed.

  18. LieutenantMatt2 says:

    Don’t worry. I have Aspergers too. My mom spent YEARS working with me on it, and know I am ALMOST over it.

  19. englishambassador says:

    @Daisycutt3r yeah, but he can’t claim he didn’t know what he was doing that is just wrong, when i punched him in the face i knew it was wrong and i knew what i was doing i jus did it anyway
    that is what i am tring to say XD

  20. englishambassador says:

    @Daisycutt3r yeah you can XD it would save the smok killing you haha

  21. Mysticpisshead1 says:

    Damn Aspergers syndrome sounds serious, Insightful rant man =)
    peace from piss

  22. Daisycutt3r says:

    u can eat cigarettes! I saw it in the young ones it must b tru..he could have comprimised

  23. Daisycutt3r says:

    a.s. is a spectrum disorder , maybe the hacker had genius ability along with low end symptoms… in the same way u punched the guy in the face … he metophorically punched the government computer in the face lol.. no trigger/firewall/safety, to stop the behaviour..nice vid btw took guts .

  24. MrRobbertSchuringa says:

    5 stars!

  25. englishambassador says:

    @geriatric1927 hey, thanks a bunch for watching

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