Tһіѕ video іѕ dedicated tο mу ƖіttƖе nephew Logan wһο һаѕ Autism.

Please Pass This Information Along and Enjoy:
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15 Responses to “I Love Someone With Autism”
  1. DionnesVids says:

    @ThePatito958 ThankYou so much for your kind comment. It’s nice to know that there are understanding people in the world, & comforting knowing that we are not alone in this world when it comes to having someone in our lives living with Autism, that is what is so wonderful about YouTube. It is a struggle at times, but I wouldn’t trade my nephew in for the world.
    Your nephew is very lucky to have someone as understanding & loving as you, God bless you both, & hang in there when it gets tough.

  2. ThePatito958 says:

    I am just crying right now because i know what it feels like, I have a nephew that has Autism too and i know how hard it is, but i also know that when they smile at you, kiss you or tell you that they love you is the most beautiful thing in the world and that you won´t change it for anything. Thanks for making this video and showing the worls a little part of your life.

  3. DionnesVids says:

    @AutismAuntie Thanks! Yep that is my little Logan. He is 8 years old now. I use the windows movie maker!

  4. AutismAuntie says:

    I love this video! OMG you have a Logan too! I just realized that. How old is he? and what video program to do use?

  5. DionnesVids says:

    @imhottyercold Aww! Thank you for watching the video, and yes he is a cutie isn’t he! Hehe :)

  6. DionnesVids says:

    @TheLadySmoke Thank you Sarah! He sure is :D :D

  7. TheLadySmoke says:

    Good video! He’s super cute.

  8. imhottyercold says:

    this made me cry.
    but hes is so so cute:)

  9. DionnesVids says:

    Thank you! :D :D

  10. DionnesVids says:

    Thank you so much for the kind comment :)

  11. gtfomomimbowflexinn says:

    Very, very, very beautiful.

  12. melmelmelmelmel12695 says:

    aww hes so cute : )

  13. ButtercupTwinkle says:


  14. DionnesVids says:

    Thank You so much :) :)

  15. thelucieandlaurashow says:

    What a lovely video.
    5/5 stars. :)

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