ICN Informed Citizen News broadcast Sunday April 18th, 2010. Tһе news уου ѕһουƖԁ һаνе heard, bυt didn’t. Tһіѕ week’s ѕtοrіеѕ… #1 Leaked document reveals US government strategy tο obtain passage οf Copenhagen climate treaty www.guardian.co.uk #2 Pentagon Cyber Command news.yahoo.com #3 NBC’s “cynical” mind-control games theweek.com online.wsj.com #4 Brοkе Cities Ravage Motorists Wіtһ Speeding Tickets www.rense.com #5 Central figure іח CDC vaccine safety studies investigated fοr fraud www.naturalnews.com www.cphpost.dk #6 Oklahoma Tea Party Plans Tο Form Armed Militia www.huffingtonpost.com #7 Richard Fine, held іח Los Angeles County jail fοr over a year without trial laist.com www.dailynews.com #8 Tax Day Tea Partiers descend οח Washington www.reuters.com #9 A survey οf active-duty troops shows tһеу аrе abandoning tһе rіɡһt/left paradigm. www.navytimes.com

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25 Responses to “ICN 4/18/10 Tea Party Tax Day, Climate Change, Vaccines and Autism”
  1. budstattfgangsta says:

    yo i like this news keep it up

  2. kirizot says:

    same thing here

  3. plalelal says:

    So what happened with Mr. Fine?

  4. odinandme says:

    <----- illegal


    fvck you and Alex Jones...

    30 mil illegals are either on your side or Obama side. make a dumb move based on 20 years of drinking floride or make peace.. but in any case, fvck all of you... You earned it all, the entire world fvcking hates you for what you doing..

  5. trainstation21 says:

    on the California legal corruption thats because we have a progressive AG jerry brown is in bed with the corruption

  6. Sturmpionier03 says:

    Barry Soetoro is a monster

  7. TheOcturian1111 says:

    Lol I only watch nature channels now, and reruns of my favorite martian : ) Hope this helps

  8. WoodlandRavah says:

    I think humanity needs to adopt a moral, no parastic living, IE if you make your living through someone else’s suffering, loss, wealth, lack of wealth, ect, you are leading an imoral life and have to quit unless you want suffering to continue, this world is bountifull, rich, andwarm, no need for any of this BS people, let go.

  9. fullTILT4x4 says:

    sounds like we the people need to decide what direction to move or our social elite, corporations and government are going to decide for us. really up to us thou is’nt it in a free country ?

  10. salseroboricuanj says:

    @DJDeeKay22, only reason their will be another act of violence is because the upper echelons of society will make it happen and blame it on the militias, just like mcveigh. wait and see…

  11. questioneverything01 says:

    @DJDeeKay22 Are you drinking the Cool-Aid?

  12. throwerofturds says:

    the involvment of the government in the up and coming climate change conference to make it happen has been going on also in the bush administration . i think that this involvment is the product of some UNDUE INFLUENCE (see Ron Arnolds book ) the trust funds mentioned by him are really BIG business. he says that this big business is fueling enviromentalism . a very good book

  13. lwanatt says:

    the power companies should obviously not network their critical systems to any computer which connects to the internet, than there is no threat

  14. DJDeeKay22 says:

    What really gets me is the “news you should’ve heard, but didn’t” tagline, because this far-right mantra has already been hashed out on Fox News. Clinton is exactly right when he compared the Tea Party to the conservative militia movement of the mid-90s that spawned McVeigh. Pay attention, because there will be another act of violence soon.

  15. greatbroad says:

    The Tea Party Express has been proved to be funded by the RNC neo-cons.

    Campaign for Liberty is the true ocean of people who are libertarians.

    – this is the difference. I am C4L coordinator for my county.

  16. gerloczyek says:

    counter idling at 305 again, isn’t it?

  17. rachelabombdotcom says:

    Thanks ICN! As always great work.

  18. iTellYouNoLie says:

    awesome job, glad you mentioned the endless wars as a tea-party motivation, and the RP roots of it. :)

  19. chewbaca1989 says:

    “To serve and collect” ROFL

  20. redmolotail says:

    To taze and collect. It’s either one or the other when they want to talk to you. Pray you do not become their prey.

  21. hamletundone says:


  22. phantomcharger says:

    How about just taking the damn power grid and other service stuff off internet controls?

    Tickets have never been about speeding, its theyre all about raising tax money without representation
    if it was just about speeding you would just get points on your license, after so many you dont have a license.

  23. navtel says:

    george bush, barrack obama commanders in chief, what a friggin joke that is.. if they had been they would not have started these wars and would not be supporting them now..

  24. navtel says:

    judges that get paid off need to be prosecuted themselves.. money corrupts and lots of money corrupts anyone..
    bill clinton was a popular president because of his style and looks but he was also a crook and a liar.. when he was governor of arkansas more drugs moved through mena than ever before.. linking the tea partiers with tim mcveigh is a real stretch especially when tim mcveigh was not responsible for planting the explosives in the murrah building.. he was a patsy.

  25. pshinspections says:

    Speeding 15 over is now $592 in Washington state (was $188). Don’t ask me how I know. My contribution to the bailout.

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