Group οח Bacefook I һаνе ѕtаrtеԁ. Please join іf уου wουƖԁ Ɩіkе tο support mе— 17 mins οf mе responding tο tһе last letter tһеу sent mе. Those thta know mе, know I dont usually аѕk tһіѕ οf mу οwח videos bυt саח уου share tһіѕ Ɩіkе tһе paparazzi share a picture οf Britneys vagina

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25 Responses to “I’ll go to jail before my son goes to a Qld Ed School”
  1. binkiie4dictator says:

    you have my full support distant cousin. Though I cant do much from here in England, as soon as I can afford it, I am going to get one of those tats. If they are going to push you to put Travis in public school, how about getting a solicitor to draw up a disclaimer for the head teacher as well as all other teachers at the school to sign. If they refuse to sign it, then you have even more grounds for defense should it ever go to court. we are behind you all the way. Love to you from the poms mate

  2. fionajspence says:

    There are many great reasons to homeschool and your is one of them – the homeschool community is behind you – Good Luck and keep up the great work.

    Fi J

  3. launniegirl76 says:

    im behing u all way matie

  4. PooPusher007 says:

    well fuckn said

  5. djy5000 says:

    LOL @ 9:57 i d giv a fuck

  6. sixftmidget says:

    father of the century i nominate u!!!!

    ur type of bloke makes us aussies proud

  7. A7XDudeDrums says:

    Keep battling AustDingo!! good luck with everything! got to your channel from F.A.B…just subscribed!
    Fucking government thinking they an care for your son better than you can! fuck them!!
    (from sydney by the way)

  8. choppa79 says:

    watched the whole thing dingo..
    parts i liked..
    the ear scratch was aweome.. lol
    and spray painting with ur ass!!! omfg . i spat my drink…lol

  9. shaun1912 says:

    yaaa u said my name heeh im gd thanks, im going to be going to uni soon and studdy law so i might be able 2 help u soon

  10. Gamejunkie85 says:

    Once again the government trying to tell people how to raise their children. They can all go get fucked, we the people have the power. Not them! Good luck buddy.

  11. Muffinzjake74 says:

    All the way man, all the fucken way!

  12. sprocketrocket07 says:

    All power to you AustDingo and Cilla; anyone can see you are providing the best for Travis.
    Sorry the volume is not so good this end.
    I hope that the Autism, Children With A Disability, Carers etc organisations are showing a bit of moral support and backing you too. If not they should be.
    This kind of crap is just what carers of kids with disabilities DO NOT NEED. How about QLD EDUC get off their asses and help rather than make life more bloody difficult?


  13. denmarcbros says:

    Go for it!
    Completely supporting you!

  14. somaicat says:

    I agree. At the end of the day you just want what’s best for your son, you’re willing to go to jail before he goes to Qld Ed, but are you willing to sell your soul to the government and play their stupid game? Because only the latter is likely to get the result you want.

    I completely agree this entire thing is stupid and the government has no right to do this too you. But right or not, they DO have the power to do it, and the only effective way to get what you want is manipulating the system.

  15. FionaAWolfe01 says:

    FAB is awesome I got all teary eyed and emotional over your vid man Fuck yea you have my support all the way.( and I thought my son’s school was bad for trying to “talk ” me in to forcing ADHD meds down my son’s throat)

  16. SauronsEye says:

    You haven’y got a chance of winning this one DIngo. Do what they require and get them off your back.

    Even 12 year olds who still need a nappy have a right to an education that is suitable for them. Just do the paper work and get them off your back.

  17. copywestbound1 says:

    Beaurocracy gone absolutley mad….
    ” How dare you tell us that you know what’s best for your child “.. yeah blow it out yer arse… good for you Mate.. I’m with you 100% and I hope you dont mind if I start emailing a link to this video to everyone I know… some of them are teachers and I KNOW they would support you as well.. QLD.. they fucked up the Transport laws.. and they’re doing the same to the Education System by the looks

  18. gizamer says:

    ill back you on this you the parents know best what is right for your child you shouldnt go to jail but you even if you do go to jail sue fight complain start some type of group just something to prevent future parents from this i hope not but maybe youll be the start of the whole fight wht is needed i just hate u might do time for doing whts best for your child your doing wht is right and responsable this makes no sence to me i also joined on facebook i respect your decision and stand with you

  19. looneytune3562 says:

    I support you mate.

  20. 07kerky07 says:

    no im not having a dig at you mate.
    just saying if the kids was to go to school the poor bugger will get picked on and might cause something bad to happen.

  21. bloodzcape says:

    thats sad, hope it all goes well for you mate btw FAB sent me

  22. 1sunbear says:

    I’d sign the petition if you start one.

  23. ReggieBegins says:

    thats pretty fucked man, but if you make a petition i know a fuck load of people in the logan area willing to sign it

  24. sdakka says:

    FAB sent me! do what you think is best you are the farther you will have plenty of support.

  25. CooeeEcho says:

    TWO: …. it’s simply “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That’s what has happened here in Australia now …. “weapons of mass destruction”, indeed? Where do we go from here? I’ve got a plan …. naturally it’s a plan proven to be effective in other colonies by, dare I say, civilisations passed … the plan is …

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