It’s a song frοm a personal рƖасе. I’m іח Here wіƖƖ touch people’s hearts аחԁ һеƖр raise funds аחԁ awareness fοr autism. It’s attracting attention frοm listeners around tһе world. Tһе song іѕ sung frοm tһе point οf view οf a child wіtһ autism communicating tο a Ɩονеԁ one. “I’m іח here wһеח tһе joy turns tο сrуіחɡ, see tһе world through mу eyes fοr јυѕt a moment іח time,” ѕау tһе lyrics tο I’m іח Here. “I’m іח here, oh don’t уου know I’m trying tο find tһе way tο ѕһοw уου wһο I аm.”

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25 Responses to “I’m In Here – The Anthem For Autism”
  1. dulchiexxxx says:

    i love my brother i would do anythin for him he is 8 and has moderate autism

  2. Jimreb80 says:

    I’m not really the emotional type of guy but have to admit, this video brought tears to my eyes. Outstanding song an video.

  3. jumhoefer says:

    This is a great video with a very strong message I would like to know if it is possible to purchase a copy to use as a training tool for our staff as they work with autistic children in our center , it would be a great addition to our training program

  4. fredbobdotcom says:

    It’s hard to get this played on the radio. I live in Canada and have requested it a lot of times, but they never play it no matter what radio station… I hope others have had more luck than me.

  5. zeldagirl1863 says:

    I have a 13 year old sister with autism, such a beautiful song!

  6. konan146 says:

    i worke with Autism the song very beautiful

  7. ajmet102 says:

    My sister is 7 and she’s autistic. I love her very much :’)

  8. Tigerbabe38 says:

    I love my autistic son. You are world and mommy will never let you down. I love you always.

  9. blue4dolphin says:

    tryed to go to the website but just get one about a farm?

  10. canucksmrig says:

    This song rocks! I love my autistic brother :)

  11. 4theluvofzakk says:

    Thank you for this song. it is very fitting. I love my autistic son,

  12. bleedingrose023 says:

    that was beautiful, bought tears to my eyes! thanku x

  13. CAVTRES says:

    Thank you for this beautiful video!!!

  14. Garp397 says:

    Beautiful. I have a 9yo dtr on the spectrum….through the struggle and the pain, there is also the beauty that is she. Autism is the unique way of viewing the world that my daughter sees things….meeting in the middle is where you meet her.

  15. MysticDragonX says:

    Very nice. I’m on the spectrum, myself, so this song really says a lot to me. It’s hard to express feelings and even identify them sometimes, let alone tell someone else about how I’m feeling. I’m not some weirdo, I’m not a robot, and though it’s frustrating at times, I dun wanna be fixed cause it’s also part of who I am. I wish people can step in my shoes for even just a second and understand. The song portrays that same feeling. Thanks for share’n it!

  16. 78constanza says:

    All about autism here: watch?v=F5B596UxO2w

  17. MrChickensoup says:

    This song is very beautiful and it is so true. These kids need all our help to get the message out that it’s not there fault they are the way they are. I makes me cry when people don’t want to understand.

  18. 2009autism says:

    i have autism and it is so hard other kids do not understand me and it makes me so mad i get teased alkl the time and i just love this music bideo anthem for autism it is very beautiful and so inspiring.

  19. mzbobbi says:

    I am a single parent with two kids on the spectrum and this song really talks to my heart. My wish is that the world at large starts accepting children with this condition. So often they are left at the curb with no way to have the fun that other kids do. That’s just plain wrong.

  20. Kaelainne says:

    5 star and favorited! An Autism mom thanks you VERY much.

  21. anke990 says:


  22. KnoxvilleJavaGirl says:

    good song and brings more awareness to those who do not understand our kids.

  23. serm87 says:

    I love this video!! The part that gets me the hardest is the verse ” I may not speak but my feelings are so clear.” I have a beautiful niece with Autism as well as work with individuals with Autism. And whether they are verbal or nonverbal it is definately noticeable that they have feelings that they have trouble communicating! This song is so inspiring and a great way to educate the world that people with Autism are people with feelings and emotions as well they just have trouble communicating.

  24. dano465 says:


  25. TeamChatterboxes says:

    How inspiring! Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous way to share the message about Autsim. It breaks my heart and offers hope at the same time.

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