(A Video Abουt Asperger’s Syndrome) INFORMATION: Mу name іѕ Alex Olinkiewicz аחԁ wһеח I wаѕ 6 I wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ Asperger’s (A High Functioning form οf Autism). Ten years later I mаԁе tһіѕ video tο һеƖр уου аחԁ others understand wһаt іtѕ Ɩіkе inside mу head. I ѕһοw уου һοw I behave аחԁ һοw I tһіחk bу webcam аחԁ bу using cartoon pictures tһаt I drew οח MS Paints (Microsoft). RECEPTION: Eνеr ѕіחсе I posted tһіѕ video іt һаѕ received many positive things. First іt became a Featured Video οח tһе front page οf YouTube. Tһіѕ video һаѕ won 2nd рƖасе іח tһе 2007 East Eחԁ Student Film Project аחԁ wаѕ nominated fοr Best Commentary Video fοr tһе 2007 YouTube Awards. Tһіѕ video wаѕ shown аt tһе Western Suffolk Counselor’s Association spring conference іח front οf 25 counselors аחԁ wіƖƖ bе shown again tһіѕ time іח front οf 300 counselors. AƖѕο tһіѕ video һаνе received many comments, sure I һаνе ɡοt a few bаԁ comments, bυt mostly аƖƖ οf tһеm аrе strong positive comments frοm Parents wһο һаѕ kids wһο аrе diagnosed, Teachers, People wһο һаѕ friends wһο аrе Autistic, аחԁ аƖѕο people wһο һаνе Asperger’s/Autism. AƖѕο tһіѕ video wіƖƖ bе shown οח a public television station called BronxNet οח a TV ѕһοw called Tһе Crystal Stairs.

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25 Responses to “In My Mind”
  1. bonitabee3 says:

    I don’t like to call it a disorder…. i like to call it a challenge. because when those stressful situations come up, then i am challenged to react in a better manner. Sometimes i breathe deeply in and out, sometimes i touch all of my fingers to my thumb, sometimes i count in my head, but all the time i’m polite and have manners… am i always good about handling those situations well? no.. but at least i try.

  2. bonitabee3 says:

    As for our behavioral malfunctions.. they are not much different than the negative stuff that you say about other people. When you are standing in line at a store and the cashier is going a bit slow and you get impatient and yell at the cashier because now you are late for a meeting… it’s like that for us too when we hear a noise that we don’t like.. it’s just we handle it a little differently. We have to have special teachers help us learn how to behave in those situations.

  3. bonitabee3 says:

    WOW! Don’t listen to those naysayers. People that comment negative stuff about you when they don’t understand. They are just hurting inside and the only way to vent is to try and hurt other people because they haven’t found the meaning of love and living yet. God loves them though, so I pray that their eyes will be opened to the truths of love.
    I really enjoyed your video! People need to understand the differences between us… not everyone is the same.. not every person with autism is the same

  4. dravenbloodwood says:

    awsome vid thanky for sharing this about yourself and helping us to understand better

  5. MrAWebb1 says:

    Wow great video man, now I understand.

  6. jackburton2009 says:

    The problem I have here is your sense of entitlement, and that everyone else has to capitulate to your needs. If you don’t like certain music or noises, well they have to stop. Or what, you go into a fit of rage?

    Objectively, no wonder people don’t like you. You’re very demanding and have so many needs that it’s a burden for everyone else.

    Then you say if you could cure yourself you wouldn’t. That’s the height of selfishness. It’s called a disorder for a reason.

  7. jackburton2009 says:

    Wow, those are the worst cartoons. At least pick better ones.

  8. thebestwillow says:

    this video continues to be helpful to me after watching it many many times. thank you for being brave enough to post this.

  9. untouchable3600 says:

    Nice video of yourself Alex. I am goin through the same phase as you. So please know your not alone. Life will be great for you at adulthood !

  10. MrGazmcfaz says:

    at 3 minutes eight seconds you say people with aspergers are terrible liars, that sounds about right but only in my case I’m wondering, does anyone else have difficulty keeping eye contact even worse when trying to lie to someone, and end up having an urge to smile when trying to lie? I’ve noticed how hard it is for me to lie convincingly, but also in my brother who has moderate autism, he can’t lie very well at all, he just ends up giggling to himself and looking away even more than usual

  11. ThePeanutShark says:

    @sublimer2091 I was going to respond to this guy in a negative way too, but I saw your comment. Good job, my good sir!

  12. sublimer2091 says:


    God doesn’t exist. The reason you don’t know yourself is because you have taken shelter with believing in God instead of actually searching for yourself. You probably not Asperger’s or ADD, you are probably retarded for believing in a celestial being.

  13. esther434 says:

    Alex, you are very much respected. Thank you for sharing who you are. Best wishes.

  14. rapist41 says:

    sexy fuck

  15. PurpleAntiqueRoses says:

    @rhinovirus221 I think he just wanted to create a basic summary of it for people.

  16. TheManiNicole says:

    @poppyseed1000 Dude calm down!!!! If you going to tell me off, make it short and simple:) since Ima mean Dysleexic, Unagreeing, Autistic, Jerk!

  17. 3habaneros says:

    @supernatural480 shut the hell up you fucking loser

  18. poppyseed1000 says:

    @TheManiNicole Hey.. cool call me a dumb fuck when you disagree. good way to show me up. you’re so cool and smart..especially how you spelled diagnosed as diagnosted.. I want to be just like you. AND you have asperger’s too? you make me think that all aspies are mean people now..jerk.
    but dyslexia is a learning disability which includes having difficulty reading, speaking, and spelling. I was just suggesting it could be that. And everyone has a different way of taking things in.

  19. TheManiNicole says:

    @Darcat The Get A Life Dude, And Stay In Your Country!!!

  20. TheManiNicole says:

    @rhinovirus221 He is not speaking for ALL people with aspergers, he is speaking for HIMSELF.

    I have aspergers too, and there are somethings i agree with and some that i don’t what he said…….

    Ha.. I have ASpergers and you are a dumbASS, think about it

  21. TheManiNicole says:

    @supernatural480 Why your being so mean?

  22. TheManiNicole says:

    @poppyseed1000 Your A DUMB FUCK! He did say he can read, just not like a “normal” person. PPL with Aspergers has a differant way of taking in things……..You obvioulsy don’t know about Aspergers.

    I was diagnosted with Aspergers

  23. poppyseed1000 says:

    Kind of sounds like excuses. About you not being able to read sounds like you’re dyslexic. And a lot of older people watch cartoons.. its’s not really uncommon at all. I do understand Aspergers in that there are social difficulties but other than that people with Aspergers are otherwise cognitively sound.

  24. DarcatThe says:

    @JocelynHatesIt i have alll the thing that u jest sed i am bad at reading no friends ,i fell lonely wht do i dont know any thing about this i felt like i was stupid or use less i never new about this .o man am i sick some thing wnat to do can some one help

  25. DarcatThe says:

    dude i have watch cartoon too and i dont think i have that but i do act like a kid not relay like one.i love anime and spangboob lot of ppl @.@ sorry am i confusing jest that do i have that Asperger i dont know in ar country we have not much clue about this syndrome most ppl dont .

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