Tһіѕ video discusses lessons learned frοm Michael Jackson’s death аחԁ һοw іt саח bе applied tο autism.

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25 Responses to “Insights from an Autistic: Michael Jackson”
  1. Negami17 says:

    I also have a MFA or PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified or “autism spectrum disorder”) and I didn’t know that MJ also has that. I knew that somehow I’ve had this instant connection with him ever since I was born (I can tell the connection through his music). Well ever since his unexpected death last year I cried for almost a month or 2.

  2. rnbsteenstar says:

    @armankhodaei ur welcome

  3. armankhodaei says:

    @rnbsteenstar Thank you for the compliment :)

  4. 1brownchocolate says:

    Michael never had a shady life. He was not a pedophile. There’s proof that shows he was set up by those families for his money. Why won’t everybody look for the truth from Michael’s lawyers and what the fans found? Michael has so many haters in the media who won’t put out the truth because they’re embarassed about how wrong they were for lying on him. He is 100% innocent. But i believe he had aspergers because watching him in his private home videos just prooves it all.

  5. rnbsteenstar says:

    @julyman008 I have it 2.

  6. rnbsteenstar says:

    Ur beautiful.

  7. michaelpack1988 says:

    I think MJ is a savount. not sure if thats how you spell that. basically he obsesses on one thing. I guess for him its dancing singing and children. Not molesting them but more like being one. I don’t think he was a molester. I think people used him for money.

  8. kf932009 says:

    I have autism and I have thought for a long time that Michael Jackson has had autism.

  9. julyman008 says:

    i really believe michael was an aspie, all aspie are like kids trapped in adult body, and when they are kids they act like adult.

  10. karenrenford says:

    I think we did :-) Its just hard for ppl to absorb. He was a natural contradiction….the private and the public. U mite say every celeb has that but his was just extreemely opposite to each other: At home he’d listen to classical music and bury himself in books & on stage he was the coolest mthrfkr lol. But the 2 personlities were joined by a whimsical and fantastical world & thats the part I think most of us wont ever truly know :-) In any case I think autism is a gift & by no means a curse

  11. armankhodaei says:

    Yes. He’s definitely had a very interesting life. I don’t know if any of us will truly know the true man that was Michael Jackson.

  12. karenrenford says:

    Ok. I know that their sensitivities to external stimulations are heightened.and there is a low responsiveness to ppl’s feelings. MJ’s mom Katherine said it used to frighten her how he’d pick up all the dance moves so quickly , how he’d act so much older than his age and he channeled everything into his artistry then couldnt sit still in an interview because he hated doin them. Manequins for friends because he couldnt relate to ppl. Plus other signs of autism. Quite possible he is autistic

  13. armankhodaei says:

    I do believe that some people with autism but not all have a sensitivity to light.

  14. karenrenford says:

    i actually agree. I notice too that he had a sensitivity to light in his latter years . Is that related to autism?

  15. godroks says:

    I think that Mj had some type of autism too

  16. MsJermainelove says:

    I feel that Mj suffered from some type of autism too. this is the reason why I am here looking up the subject. I am a fan of his but I have been very irked but some of his outlandish claims. Yes, I think he had a problem, however, that would not have been picked up at the time of his birth.

  17. magmatic123 says:

    i was thinking that too because michael was very shy and because of his celebrity learned to adapt for a while.He did seem socially akward and as he grew older he did focused on dance and music and withdrew from his friends and family. the outside world did not understand him anymore so they started to ostracize him. michael trully had the world against him if he had high fuctioning autism along with lupus and vitiligo, i wonder why it happens more in boys?

  18. notwitstupidanymore says:

    What is the link for the MJ interview where he said he was dx’d with AS?

  19. armankhodaei says:


  20. 1210donna says:

    I think Michael Jackson had Exposure Anxiety, a condition that can commonly co-occur with ASCs and can be confused with autism. Those with it can often perform and be very giving (both roles to hide in and lose feelings of exposure as self) but they struggle to interact or communicate at the same level as ‘themselves’.

  21. armankhodaei says:

    Very true

  22. superautism says:

    People are dying all the time, no offense to anyone who idolizes MJ. In my city today a 6 year old girl drowned in a public pool and a man died from the swine flu, sure, those folks weren’t as popular, but think of how their families must be feeling tonight. I’m just trying to say that’s how I feel about death. It makes me realize that every day we share here on earth together is a gift.

  23. armankhodaei says:

    Yes, death is inevitable, but many people it seems are in denial about this. I have only cried once for someone departing to the other side. But, I know I will cry for others, but I understand that nothing can prevent death.

  24. armankhodaei says:

    I would be interested to see, myself, if there was something that proved he has aspergers syndrome, but in his interviews and stuff, it does he appears he might have been somewhere on the autism spectrum.

  25. castaway says:

    Do you have some kind of proof that he was an aspie or are you concluding that bc of the general lack of expression he shows in most video footage?

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