A high functioning autistic adult discusses ѕοmе options tһаt parents аחԁ οtһеr autistics саח υѕе tһаt wіƖƖ hopefully yield ѕοmе progress.

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25 Responses to “Insights from an Autistic: The Cure for Autism”
  1. BrokenTengu99 says:

    Bravo, Bro ! Bravo !

  2. armankhodaei says:

    @fireflyann Thank you. :)
    Some people do believe that there is a link between vaccines containing mercury and autism. There has been no scientific evidence to really back up this claim. The originator of this hypothesis, Andrew Wakefield was found guilty of fraud and stripped of his title by the European Medical Council (not sure exact name) and his study was overthrown because the claims in it were created by lies. Anyway, there is a great deal of evidence that points to genetics causing autism

  3. fireflyann says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to try to help other people! I believe that my 2 year old grandson may be autistic. He does not speak, he likes to stack and unstack towels, and he lines up his cars. Has anyone suggested a cause for autism? I have heard of the possible link between mercury in vaccines and autism, and if there truly IS a link, I don’t want his condition to worsen with more v

  4. Zombiedude101z says:


  5. aspie101 says:

    @NoStreetBs That is the type of attitude that quacks prey upon. Autistics do express themselves, if they find the right medium of which do to so. Would you want to find a cure if your child was blind, or would you rather let your child decide? If you truly have an autistic child, post a video, don’t just post comments. Blind people are in their own world as well.

  6. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    I’ll check your book out. Your a very well spoken not to mention handsome guy. I have asperger’s and I wanna open up a little restaurant out of a food truck and sell roast pork sandwiches. Also grow alot of food and vegetables in my garden. I think were gonna inherit the world, lol. No but it would probally be a better place if we did.

  7. armankhodaei says:

    Thanks :)

  8. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Zeolite powder cures the paranoia and severe anxiety of aspergers. It saved my life, and I promised myself I would try to help others. do whatever you want with the info im just the messenger.

  9. armankhodaei says:

    Thank you. You’re very welcome. :)

  10. sapphirestorm72 says:

    My 9 yr old seems to be very similiar to what you have explained in this video, I had him evaluated by doctors 4 yrs ago and I was told he may have a language disorder. I was very disappointed that they didn’t give him a diagnoses. He is social inept and his fellow students don’t treat him well. He has tantrums daily, and over the yrs finding info similiar to him has been really hard. Thank you for posting, you have given me alot of hope. And alot of understanding. God Bless you.

  11. armankhodaei says:

    Yes. I am the guy in the video.

  12. Doommaster1994 says:

    Sorry for asking what may be a dumb question but are you the guy in the video? I got HFA too.

  13. armankhodaei says:

    I’m diagnosed as HFA, but who knows maybe I’m really AS.

  14. Texasgurl1990 says:

    Do you have AS? if so, you do seem very high funcioning…my brother has AS

  15. armankhodaei says:

    I’m not trying to change anyone, especially make them more “normal.” I am merely showing a way into another perspective. We never truly change but we can outgrow aspects of ourselves that don’t serve us, if we feel those aspects don’t serve us.

  16. Galeforce2008 says:

    Well i can see what your doing but to be honest i like being Autistic because thats who i am if i wasn’t Autistic i would just be like everyone else which i don’t want i love my individulality (sorry for my poor spelling) but i can understand that your trying to help people and i think thats a good thing but most autists live with themselves being that way and like being who they are (15 years old Asperges Syndrome England,Hampshire)

  17. binky156 says:

    is that your house? do you have a job?

  18. armankhodaei says:

    Thank you for sharing that with me. I appreciate hearing that. :-)

  19. binky156 says:

    im 18 with, from Scotland(YAS) and i only clicked on the answer of so many of my social problems two days ago, i have HFA. i personally thought that i was just quiet at times because when i recently started college, i was full of confidence as noboday knew me there, bus as i’ve progressed though the course, i noticed that when the tutor would speak to me, i would agree but no information was going in, your video has cleared up so many things for me and given me hope that im not going to fail.

  20. fortynotty says:

    My 6 year old is autistic. Evry step is encouragng, specially your words.

  21. armankhodaei says:

    Well, this video is more than a year old. So, haven’t died yet. But, we all die someday. Hopefully, it is after I’ve lived a long, healthy, and wonderful life.

  22. armankhodaei says:

    You are very welcome. :-)

  23. Pizzalalala says:

    I am soooooo greatful for this video! I have a set of twin 18 year old boys who are Autistic as well. One verbal, one non-verbal. You gave me some homework to do… Thank you so much! I’ll try to play things out with them. You are awesome!

  24. armankhodaei says:

    You’re very welcome. Thank you. :-)

  25. gentlehandsdoula says:

    WOW…thank you so much for all this great info. We’re having such a hard time getting through to our 16 year old boy. Lots of good ideas here…thanks again.

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