A high-functioning autistic discusses wһаt іt іѕ Ɩіkе tο һаνе autism аחԁ possible remedies tο һеƖр cure/treat іt.

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23 Responses to “Insights from an Autistic: The Secrets of Autism: An Autistic Unlocks the Hidden Door”
  1. armankhodaei says:

    That’s an excellent question. I wish I could answer it for you.

  2. Weisenheimer78 says:

    the fever information is fascinating, but here’s my question: my kid has a problem with inflammation and fever is an inflammatory response. If inflammation causes pain, I wonder how the inflammation in fevers differs from say, allergic inflammation or eye inflammation?

  3. armankhodaei says:

    Just want to edit to say that I am working on turning with what I’m doing with the community and my support groups into a not-for-profit. I as of yet, do not have a not-for-profit status. Just want to be clear on that.

  4. ursusarctosana says:

    Hello Fritzie,

    I am also diagnosed with ASD–twice, and my prosody is good, also. Just because a person has ASD it does not mean they cannot have good prosody. Perhaps speech was more difficult when they were a child, but as adults some people are talented at mimicking and ‘faking’ it or they have worked on speech a lot. We are all unique.

  5. ursusarctosana says:

    Yes, would be my answer. I have ASD and that is what I did as a child–recited scripts, played alone with my toys, and ran around with the dogs pretending I was a character from my favorite show and, yes, I visualized everything in a most satisfying way.

  6. HeroofWindandTime says:

    Sorry, I didnt catch the site’s name (Im dutch)

  7. CrackBadger52 says:

    High functioning autisms great. We get special treatment like extra time in tests etc. yet we can talk and we can function in the workforce and society just as well as anyone else. In fact loads of us including me find certain things easy which most people seem to find hard. I sit at the back of my physics class already knowing the concepts before the teacher starts explaining and when the teacher can’t get a concept across to the class he lets me take over. Its funny as fuck.

  8. AutieParentsUnited says:

    If you feel is a fake, then why are you watching his videos and why did you subscribe to his channel. All autistics are different. Arman is a high functioning autistics…meaning he appears ‘more normal’. My son is severely autistic…meaning it is more obvious. If you actually paid attention you’d know he charges for TUTORING and has a FREE autism group. Stop being so judgmental. We are in this together.

  9. armankhodaei says:

    Actually, my verbal skills weren’t always so great. And, I’ve taken many tests, and I’m more mathematically inclined vs. English inclined. However, since Star Wars: Episode I came out I always wanted to be a writer, so I study how to write, and have spent years improving my vocabulary and verbal skills.

  10. armankhodaei says:

    I think they are visualizing the show. I know I was when I acted in the school play.

  11. armankhodaei says:

    I’ve written a book, and it hasn’t been published yet, but many other people have written books dealing with autism, both autistics and non-autistics.

    Secondly, in my one video I say that I offer tutoring services for non-autistics in K-12 and autistics, as well. I teach Math and English. There are lots of tutoring companies out there.

    Third, I do run a not-for-profit organization, and I don’t charge for anything. I run a free support group and do many other things throughout the community.

  12. AnasMarionette says:

    I’ve worked with several kids with autism, at the moment a six year old who is very social; LOVES to act out shows together (she does with her stuffed animals, then i take the script she uses and say it with her; and we gradually make it silly)….do you think when she (and other kids) are reciting shows they are really visualizing it happening at the same time? I can’t relate to thinking in pictures, so I can’t understand just how concrete their scripting of shows is…

  13. FritzieMaurelle says:

    I’m finding it hard to believe you even have autism, but I’ll give you the shadow of a doubt…

    Your prosody is pretty amazing, so may I ask how you’ve been diagnosed as autistic?

  14. Assashimaru says:

    i know an autistic just like him

  15. LLautism says:

    Then why do you claim non-profit but talk about pricing in your other video and then have books to sell?

    If you are autistic, I’m speechless…literally.

    Some of the things you’ve said though really does sound researched because I’ve heard some of the exact same things from others mostly on forums.

  16. armankhodaei says:

    Dear LLautism,

    I am diagnosed as autistic. I’m not pretending. So, it is a great compliment for you to say that I don’t appear autistic.

    Second, I have not made a penny off the fact that I’m autistic. I run a support group and have done various things throughout the community all of which have cost me money out of my pocket.

    Third, I speak from my experience. I did do a lot of research, but I also speak of what I went through.

  17. autismia says:

    A very positive video. I attended a lecture by researchers from the autistic unit at Nottingham University (UK) and he explained mirroring autistic behaviour techniques and showed videos. I am dxd asperger’s myself.

  18. 6144OSU says:

    Thank you for the videos. Just a minor comment. I think if we what causes autism, we can better understand how autism works.

    Also, what do you think of chelation, and supplements?

  19. mardiman64 says:

    Thank you for your videos, my 12 yr old son has PDD. Hearing it from some one who has been through thses things really helps me understand him. You are Awesome!

  20. leeapl says:

    Thank you so much for your video! I’ve an autistic boy and after watching your video, I truly believe autistic children are gifts from god to change the world for the better. You have given me so much courage and hope to move forward. I’ll spread your message around. Thanks again!

  21. armankhodaei says:

    I would love to do a presentation in Tampa, Florida, but I would need transportation and housing.

  22. AutieParentsUnited says:

    You have helped me so much. Can you have a presentation is Tampa, Florida sometime? I would love that. :-)

  23. AutieParentsUnited says:

    Thank-You Arman. As you know, my son has autism :-)

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