James Durbin waits nervously tο find out іf һе′s safe fοr another week οח tһе American Idol results ѕһοw. Hе mаԁе a bold сһοісе аחԁ sang heavy metal bυt іt wаѕ a hit…wһу ԁοеѕ һе look ѕο uncomfortable?

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23 Responses to “James Durbin reacts to American Idol Results show”
  1. ronwall3 says:

    Why don’t u just go u just go **** your self,he’s awesome,and i’m from Santa Cruz and I know James Durbin!

  2. yagirlfrantz says:

    James is an extraordinary singer.. the fact he has autism and tourettes, YET can look past his disabilities and live on to his dreams is so inspiring. Its not that people feel bad for him. People look up to him.

  3. hiphopdancer198 says:

    @mds1978 but does that matter ? i dont think MY spelling is going to hurt anyone – your sick twisted mind will. so stfu .

  4. jhoenshell92450 says:


  5. tokyorent says:

    James is such a retard. So are all the tards who feel sorry for him because he has TOURETTES but can’t be bothered to learn how to spell it correctly.

  6. mds1978 says:

    @molczak714 honey, time to learn how to use punctuation. *that’s *I’d

  7. mds1978 says:

    @NiteRider551 *that’s

  8. mds1978 says:

    @hiphopdancer198 and YOU’RE a horrible speller!

  9. mds1978 says:

    @dominick513 Actually, it’s very funny.

  10. mds1978 says:

    @anais143 Hmm….so James has a sickness and making fun of him is like attacking someone with cancer? I guess I hate kids with cancer then.

  11. mds1978 says:

    @cajunangel5 And you need to stop commenting on every one of my videos, retard.

  12. EdenDominguez says:

    what ever! He still looks handsome:D
    love him!

  13. EdenDominguez says:

    what ever! He still looks handsome:D

  14. silverstar4015 says:

    How dare you!

  15. anais143 says:

    You need to remove this. It is cruel that you are doing this. He is an awesome singer and performer and you are attacking him on his SICKNESS. Would you make fun of someone that has Cancer? No, so don’t do it to him!

  16. cajunangel5 says:

    You need to remove this video and the others that you have making fun of James Durbin. Its just terrible what you are doing!!!

  17. The3Amegios says:

    You’re a terrible person for doing this. James was actually one of the best ones on the show. He has a syndrome and it’s not funny. It’s sad. You should be amazed at how talented he is!

  18. TheKrazyKaraoke says:

    dud the guy is sick why did you post that video that is so mean

  19. melanieg1010 says:

    WoW…You are a sick individual

  20. molczak714 says:

    thats what happens when you have no life have to make fun of others pretty sad id say

  21. NiteRider551 says:

    Wow, Thas not cool at all.

  22. dominick513 says:

    are you making fun of his illness because thats not cool or funny

  23. hiphopdancer198 says:

    your a horrible person !

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