Hаѕ уουr child bееח diagnosed wіtһ Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hyperactive, Epileptic, Mentally Retarded, οr ADHD? Tһеѕе аrе ƖаbеƖѕ used incorrectly tο diagnose children wіtһ brain injury. Tһеѕе children саח bе һеƖреԁ. Fοr more information, visit: www.braininjuredchild.org http

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10 Responses to “Janet Doman Interview About Brain-Injured Children”
  1. stzorfas1 says:

    Dear Janet Doman, Years ago children were considered brain injured even if all they had was learning disabilities. Now the labels;
    Autism, Adhd, do confuse people. Ni is recoverable, so is ADHD, Autism and others. Please see,”Recovering Autism and Special Needs,” on youtube. I do not know where you stand on chemicals in injections “Resulting in,”Neurological damage. The brain can be “rebooted” by use.Just as stroke victims can be restored with proper therapy, so can kids with Autism .

  2. jinkysexy says:

    I have a son, 9 years old, cerebral palsy, he does not grow as like as the other cerebral palsy that i’ve sen, he is only 8kgs and looks like 1year old, he can’t talk, eat, walk, …….is this a rare kind of cerebral palsy?

  3. MileyJonasBrosfan says:

    my little sister has Cerebral Palsy and she cant walk, talk, feed herself of anything
    she just either sits in her wheelchair, sits in her baby bouncer, or lays on the floor
    when she’s old enough to go to school she’ll be going to a Cerebral Palsy school

  4. o0TreyRoyer0o says:

    whhhhaaaaaattt i have Autism i dont feel brain injured lol

  5. darkmoon123321 says:

    those two are kind of differant…btw….xD

  6. birds16ful says:

    I have Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy & I am 16 years old girl & 4’8 tall. My best friends & cousins love me as I am.

    Michaela Schwartz

  7. TheAnonimuss says:


  8. Itxx says:

    Like putting you down for starters?

  9. Yoshiko11 says:

    Good video- but I’m blind and hearing impaired and have epilepsy/complex partial seizures and have never heard of the label “brain injured”. But very interesting video.


  10. roygebiv21 says:

    Janet Doman is a wonderful person, i cant say enough about her and how much she has helped!

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