Autistic basketball player Jason McElwain һаѕ tһе game οf һіѕ life

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25 Responses to “Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Player”
  1. sunshine14shines says:

    srry one of those comments is 2 the wrong person..whoever said they broke up with someone becuz their little sister had autism..those comments are for u

  2. sunshine14shines says:

    mr.monkey..wutever u call urself..u shuld be ashamed..dumping a girl because of her sister had autism. that is the rudest comment i have EVER heard on youtube. and in saying that.. it doesnt look 2 good on your part. i wuld LOVE if u had autism for one day. u wuld get 2 live the life that many autistic people live 2day. ibet u wuldnt be able 2 handle all the nasty things people say. you shuld not hate on others for wut they r born with. very pathetic.

  3. sunshine14shines says:

    @syzygy501 ur a hurtful and phycotic cold hearted ass. that is the rudest comment i have EVER heard on youtube. and in saying that..on ur part it doesnt look 2 good. i would LOVE if u had autism for one day. u wuld know the hurtful things that people say and u wuldnt be able 2 handle it. u shuldnt hate on others for what they are born with. its not the slightest bit their fault. i very well agree..youre pathetic.

  4. fabs2775 says:

    @syzygy502 i’d say that to anyone, you’re an animal, people like you are what makes this world so dark. You generalize a group of people with mental disablity. My brother has autism, and he would never do anything like what you’ve described about that other kid, yeah sure maybe that autistic kid did all that stuff, but that doesn’t make everyone with autism a bad person. ANYONE is capable of committing the acts that you’ve described, i could have done it, you could do it. don’t generalize

  5. syzygy502 says:

    @fabs2775 I dare you to say that to her parents that their beautiful daughter didn’t get killed by an asstistic son of a bitch. Asstistics are animals.

  6. fabs2775 says:

    @syzygy502 your full of shit and everyone knows it, what you say never happened, if it did you wouldn’t be taking it out on youtube, get a life you loser

  7. dudetocartman says:

    oh. well i guess they were shocked to see a kid with autism really get to the whole school and not just coaches.
    sometimes people that r different from others, can really surprise u.
    like take me for ex., i was different from others not understanding stuff much because of autism, (i know alot now), and i knew math well since 6th grade-11th grade. my 7th grade teach thought i should bump up from math.
    did u hear about the 10 yr old boy with it, won the state champ in bowling?

  8. cowboysfan21357 says:

    @dudetocartman I dont think the coach bribed the other coach i think they just agreed to let the kid have his moment and hopefully score…they didn’t know he’d get hot like that. two high schools near me did the same thing with a Down’s kid, they let him run for a touchdown on homecoming and the other team just purposefully let him while making it look like they were trying to catch him.

  9. syzygy502 says:

    @dudetocartman They are not humans. They are animals and predators. They are dumber than amoebas. They are absolutely worthless.

  10. dudetocartman says:

    ur out line talking like that.
    and i think u need help with all due respect.
    people with autism are human beings like everyone else.

  11. dudetocartman says:

    i have autism and i anit no “r word” or killer.
    I have friends whom have the disability and they r not what u call them “r word.”
    One of them talk as a radio host and i think its impressive.
    i happen to be smart, go to a great school, and get A’s and B’s mostly.
    What if u were born by parents that had autism, would u hate them and kick them out of yo life?
    fycafi, im not abusive to “normal” people like u.
    there, i proved u wrong that they anit killers cause i anit one or my friends.

  12. dudetocartman says:

    Oh wow sir fouls a lot.
    Now u use unnecessary foul language 2 be tuff?
    What kind of role model ru?
    i hope ur employer reads these against disabled people comments by u and really think about if they wanna keep u with their business.
    I hope u dont have kids or at least they dont act as stupid and ignorant as u as they grow up. with all due respect.
    Just because a person with autism killed ur “gf”, it doesn’t imply them as killers.
    dont be stereotypical.
    it could of been someone else.

  13. syzygy502 says:

    @dudetocartman I saw the kid you fucking asshole.

  14. dudetocartman says:

    do u think maybe the shots he made got into him making him the douche because he did well?
    i dont think he means to be a douche, he just cant control his attitude maybe because his autism is with it?
    i mean i was like him at his age, i acted like a jerk, it wasn’t me personally, it was the autism in me. but as i got older, i became better on controlling it. so, maybe he’ll grow out of it.
    do u think coach johnson bribed the other coach to give him slack?

  15. dudetocartman says:

    so what ur trying to imply is u hate people with Autism is because ur “ex” was killed by one, and u were angry with ur “use to be” “gf” just cause she didnt tell u about her sister’s disability? good for you dumping her. that proves her point on why she couldnt tell u. ur heartless. And dude, anybody could of killed ur “ex”, it could of been a religious person , a tall person, same sex, a minor, different race, etc. so dont blame people with autism because of that.
    ya dig?

  16. syzygy502 says:

    @NutNapalm I don’t fucking care. They act like us or they die.

  17. NutNapalm says:


    Autistic=/=Downs. People with downs syndrome will typically do the kind of crap you’re talking about. Downs is often comorbid with low-functioning autism, but not always. Temple Grandin started out as low-function, but improved because she didn’t have downs.

    Are we all going to be “good people?” No, just like everyone else, we’re capable of all the horrible things that normal people do.

  18. cowboysfan21357 says:

    @syzygy “Asperger’s has nothing to do with the a word”? Asperger’s is a form of autism…yeah, it’s not as bad as autism can sometimes be, but it’s still autism. And @JonniDDR…yeah, it was set up between the coaches and players from both teams to let J-Mac shoot, but nobody expected him to catch on fire like that. Plus, I heard he’s kind of a douche since this happened.

  19. JonniDDR says:

    Well the problem with this story is that the coach Johnson set the whole thing up to get publicity for himself. The coaches instructed the players to give J-Mac the ball and give him lots of time to shoot and not to defend them. Notice how the camera footage is in fast-forward because they don’t want the viewer to see how slow they are moving and how much time J-Mac had to set up each shot.

  20. alienc says:

    I know this sounds stupid, but I’ve always thought I was a bit autistic (can you even have that? Lol). I’m a bit lacking in certain areas, which always confused me. But in the end I’m pretty sure it’s just my lazy lowlife self looking for an excuse at my non-accomplishments/lack of achievements. It’s a cheap cop out to think so.

  21. cre105 says:

    @syzygy502 No i would never disrespect your friend. I’m disrespecting you. You worthless piece of shit!

  22. syzygy502 says:

    @cre105 So now you’re laughing at my friend? I want you to laugh at that when I break your limbs.

  23. cre105 says:

    @syzygy502 Lololololololololololol!!!!! Your friend is dead. I wish that she may R.I.P., but if her death brought about such ignorance then she should be forgotten. I hope you die.

  24. syzygy502 says:

    @cre105 You are an idiot. If you knew what I have been through with these animals, you would be like me. A person hurting someone badly for the fun of it and then using their supposed disability as an excuse. I hate them all, and they will get the same fate as they gave me. Only, I will get sentenced to life. It is a screwed up world, and if I can get rid of 100 of these animals, I hope to inspire other people to do the same for the great country of America.

  25. syzygy502 says:

    @dudetocartman To let you know, we were dating for 6 months and I had known her for almost 10 years. I found out when I started going to her house and visiting her family. I don’t speak to her now, I am so enraged that she wouldn’t tell me, especially after she was the one after the girl who I was going to ask out and I had known all my life that got killed by an autistic. Of course, he got off completely because he had this and that. I was not allowed in the court because I would have killed.

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