Jaylen іѕ very very excited tο recieve һіѕ Fushigi. Tһіѕ іѕ wһаt һе learned аftеr οחƖу having іt аח hour οr ѕο. Hіѕ excitement exacerbated һіѕ Tourette Syndrome, ѕο һе іѕ ticcing a lot.

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15 Responses to “Jaylen and his Fushigi”
  1. procrastin8r89 says:

    JAYLEN IS AMAAAAAAZZZINNNNNG i am amazed by this kid!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU Jaylen!

  2. FunJessica says:

    soooooo cute

  3. TeamJacobx12 says:

    aw hes so cute!

  4. jaydy11 says:

    I’m going to ask for one thanks man!

  5. Thebiganthony1 says:

    whats wrong whit you

  6. speedstackingmaniac says:

    hey! my name is josh and i also have tourettes!

  7. twitchyjeff says:

    I like this video! At first I was wondering what a Fushigi was, but then when I watched the video, I recognised some of the tricks, so I think it’s the same as what is called a contact juggling ball over here? I started contact juggling earlier this summer and I agree it is relaxing, which helps my tics.
    Nice to see another video from you and I look forward to a video of fushigi tricks if you post another one! =)

  8. MotownCountry says:

    i wanna get one now!! thanx Jaylen….they should put you in the commercial…they’d sell like hotcakes! mmmmm hotcakes!

  9. moomintroll8 says:

    Looks like so much fun.

  10. brlaranjo says:

    I think I saw this on nick or something:P Love the haircut Jaylen

  11. PhotogenicKid says:

    i want one so baaad! luuuckyyy

  12. 397sage says:

    ur soooooooo awesome

  13. Truedantalion says:

    Hey, it’s “The Discovery Channel with Jaylen Arnold” :-) ! I never heard of the Fushigi ball, before I came and watched yiour video. Afterwards, I googled it, and now, I know! I checked out the voideos on the manufacturer’s website -cool! Especially when they move more than one of the balls in one hand simultaneously, it reminds me a lot of Qi Gong balls (I love and have some of those for ages already).Thanks for bringing this gadget to my attention; hope you still have loads of fun with it :-) !

  14. ihtbtdhm says:

    Actually, if I didn’t know about the TS, I would not suspect any ticcing going on at all. (But I don’t have any audio on this machine right now.) What I DO notice, however, is a lot of “Oh, brother” looks on the little sister’s face, though. LOL! Now I am off to Google “Fushigi.” :)

  15. chingon711 says:

    you’re awesome!

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