Jaylen wanted tο give аח update οח wһаt һе іѕ doing аѕ well аѕ give a video response tο ѕοmе youtube comments mаԁе οח һіѕ really bаԁ ticcing episode video.

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18 Responses to “Jaylens Challenge Contest and You Tube Response”
  1. CamdenNJFireFighter says:

    of course people would stand up for you. dont listen to the people out there that have mean stuff too say, i guess it makes them feel better about themselves, you are truely an inspiration and i admire you for that, keep doing what you do little man

  2. troy71slick says:

    yo youre cool my brother is name jaylon but not jaylen ill stick up for u if someone make fun of u k

  3. NateDoGG33080 says:

    You are awesome for standing up to very rude people who cannot handle the fact you have a condition that is out of your control. You are a very nice young man and i am proud of you for remaining so strong in all of this. Keep smiling and never let anyone get you down ;)

  4. captonkush says:

    hey jaylen i think what your doing on here is really cool. i have Cerebral palsy and had to dropout of school in 8th grade do to bullieing. my teacher just let them hit me and other stuff right in front of her and too bullies out there. think about how you don’t like getting picked out it’s the same for us we don’t like so why do it ?????????

  5. osok28 says:

    your soooooo very inspiring.

  6. slinger304 says:

    i seen the show u came out on your a really tough kid=) you dont let nothing get in your way..way to go

  7. cb2manor says:

    Watched your show last night little man! You are an amazing person, with an amazing family :D So glad I got to “meet” you through your documentary!

  8. d0txk0m says:

    Heyy i just watched the Tourette’s documentary on TV, ur the best !

  9. Louiseasl says:

    Jaylen- You know that the radio hosts from Toginet Radio- HerInsight media have your back! It is our privilege to send to you a prize package from all of us for your anti- bullying contest!

    This video is wonderful and best wishes always-

  10. Bethflower123 says:

    Do you tink that your form of Tourette will lession as you age because I heard that the early teenage years are the worse and then they kind of fade. I think that’s only in some people though:) Great Work

  11. 397sage says:

    god bless you

  12. lightbrightbreezyfan says:

    awww i love u jaylen! u stole my heart haha sorry please let us know when it comes out i would love to meet u one day and just give u a big hug

  13. brlaranjo says:

    Jaylen you are one awesome and terrific kid for standing up and trying to conquer bullying and not to mention cyberbullying:) People that cyberbully are just people that don’t ahve enough guts to it in your face so when they sue an avatar and fake identity it gives then power I guess. You are very brave and I can’t wait to watch your doc. I love tghe discovery so I will be waiting for it:)

  14. MotownCountry says:

    hahahah “Ok Mom” and that look you gave… priceless Jay. can’t wait for the documentary! chizzle got pwned! hahahah

  15. shaynapulley says:

    congratulations on the Discovery channel doc!!!!
    you’re dealing with the cyber bullying really well, it stinks when ppl post mean comments on our videos. but it happens

    keep up the spirit! BULLYING NO WAY!

  16. Louiseasl says:

    Jaylen= great video and y’all love it! Can’t wait to see more of your fabulous videos!

  17. Truedantalion says:

    Excellent video! Good to have you back on YouTube, Jaylen. And what a massive update here, with so many impressive news!

    I hope many people will enter the contest, heading for the bif prize, I look so much forward to the documentary (yeah, well, hoping I will be able to watch ot some day when it’s out, haha!) – and that chizzlenizzle guy (did I spell him right?) trying to bully you, but getting exactly what was needed: People helping together and standing up for you … that’s awesome :-) !

  18. paprikapink says:

    Thanks Jaylen, for giving us this update. Can’t wait to see your documentary.

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