Jim Adams, Autism & Chelation οח Dateline NBC

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25 Responses to “Jim Adams, Autism & Chelation on Dateline NBC pt 1”
  1. IntrapersonalKent says:

    removing used bomb shells from a scorshed battlefield. ….Some of these “therapies” just make no sense. There isn’t a single redeeming drop of logic. No, there isn’t a pill out there than can revive or generate brain cell growth either.

  2. IntrapersonalKent says:

    the body through metabolism and the waste system. What is the link between the overall improvement between the child’s health and actively removing this compound? I fear that the the medical industry is again raking in cash by producing the misconception that the chelating agent ITSELF is a form of medication. I support the principle of removing poison from the body when needed, but if consequential damage from mercury has already been done, chelation is simply

  3. IntrapersonalKent says:

    Something seems unclear to me. Mercury, a alleged antagonist to neurological health is removed from the system with chelating agents until the deadly compound is purged. Assuming the theory of mercury poisoning and autism is remotely correct, is the supported idea that “autistic” traits are present so long as there is an active exposure to mercury? On average, 5 of the 7 known Mercury isotopes have an average half life of 2-4 days. This proposes that the deadly compound is naturally removed from

  4. IntrapersonalKent says:

    You’re right, we can’t disregard the environmental factors we are responsible for. I tend to believe we are damaging the genes we pass on through poor lifestyle choices.

  5. 2200BK says:

    this is the price we pay for living in the western world. from day 1 we have chemicals. baby bottles, dummies, teething gel. plastic toys. all this has to affect somone. raditation from this monitor that i am typing from, the microwave heated food i just ate, the mobile phone radiation in my ear. im stressed now, im going to have a healthy big mac

  6. dragonseptor says:

    It is very obvious that people are not watching and listening to what is going on! MERCURY is the heavy metal that causes autism so will LEAD poisoning. Mercury in Tooth fillings, vaccines but so called experts say it is not enough to cause heath issues. HMMM…

  7. BuyYourselfABookOr3 says:

    n-acetyl cysteine!!!

  8. CJEB4 says:

    My 5 yr old son has been diagnosed with severe autism since he was 15 months old and for 6 weeks we have done chelation, he is able to understand two step commands now, where as he could not before this and he does many other great things I won’t go into here. He was diagnosed with severe mental retardation on top of the autism 4 months ago by two teams of doctors in two seperate facilities now it is diagnosed as mild, I’m not saying it is a cure all for every child, but it worked for mine.

  9. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

    Fucking vaccines…Believe me or not MY DAD NEVER TOOK ANY VACCINES WHEN HE WAS YOUNG (Immunized) AND HE HAS NEVER BEEN SICK…NONE, NOT The DTaP Nor the CHICKEN POX VACCINE NONE IM Serious he never took a single one…and he’s perfectly healthy.

  10. MindofaJedi says:

    Autism is caused by heavy metal poisoning period . All the vaccine manufactureres know this , but they don’t care , money is money .

  11. stopjunkscience says:

    Well said Patient! Vaccinations should definitely be avoided.

  12. blackstarzero says:

    It is not surprising because after all GE owns NBC and the vice president of GE happens to be one of the founders of we hate autistic people also known as autism speaks.

  13. blackstarzero says:

    New research shows that the rates of adults who are autistic is the same as the rates of children who are autistic. That indicates that the rate of autism is stable and has been stable for an extended period which is in contrast to the part of the “mercury causes autism theory” that says autism rates are skyrocketing due to exposer to mercury. Also it shows that mercury isn’t the culprit because for the theory to be correct the rates should be higher when people are exposed to more mercury.

  14. feraski says:

    Mercury is also in dental amalgam and for several decades (70s and 80s) was in contact lens solutions. These are ongoing exposures that have affected mothers giving birth since then, and been passed on to their children. Add in the mercury from power plant emissions, contaminated fish (nearly all of them) and waterways, etc. even broken thermometers and lightbulbs. And a subset of people who have weak detoxification genetically are the canaries in the coalmine, so to speak.

  15. ballsnuts99 says:

    shame on dateline for propagating this psuedoscientific myth

  16. thementalpatient2005 says:

    Africans were vaccinated then ended up with aids. Mexicans were vaccinated than ended up with swine flu. Tuskegee world war 2 pilots were vaccinated and received syphillus as a result of the cia studying the effect it has on the body. Clinton later apologized for that. Chinese were vaccinated by merck and received bird flu. Bayer sent aids infested medicine over seas to children. Now you asleep americans are going to get the swine flu shot and die. New World Order depopulation agenda. Wake Up

  17. SteveTrinity says:

    The Vampires in this World are defeated. The Light of Truth is coming up on the horizon and there will be no where for them to hide. It will look scary when we see there faces all distorted and burning from the Sun but its all just a show of fear…nothing more.
    Peace and Love
    The Age Of Aquarius Is Here
    For Real!!!

  18. ArranoGris says:

    Why don’t these news programs ever focus on people who actually dedicated their life’s professional career to autism and to studying this kind of thing. I have no doubt that his Jim guy is a smart fellow and that he’s done his homework, but we’re never going to get something truly unbiased from a parent of an autistic kid like this. They’ve got too much invested emotionally to know how to genuinely look at this skeptically.

  19. constrength says:

    The evidence is not conclusive? What would is going to prove conclusive to you? Do you want the mercury in vaccines to jump out and speak to you telling you they contribute to autism?

  20. MishiSD88 says:

    the evidence is simply not conclusive that shows the linking of vaccines to autism. perhaps the rate increased because more people became aware of the disorder (and others like ADHD) causing them to get their kids checked more. i’m just trying to look at this from a more sociological point of view.

  21. Honeyline2 says:

    You have a point and im awakening
    I think fungus needs to be looked up this may be the whole cause of mental conditions makes sense now an unknown fungus from entering earth atmosphere this came to me and its been know through the 60′s that there is bacteria entering each time they come into our atmosphere but yet if they are spraying it wont do any good now I believe the spraying this makes sense now
    I never thought about it until the antibotics were mentioned/anti

  22. barbiegeek says:

    we have 2 generations of adults bearing kids w/ exposure 2 man made pesticides. All diseases are more common, we went from 3 billion people to 7 bill. Pesticides alter DNA. What about us parents who kids were ill b4 age 2 vaccine? Some of us had babies so ill & would have died w/o antibiotics. No antibiotics no life no autism 2 record. What about gene markers, evolving, Fetal stress? blame is easier than guilt. I 2 am mom with autistic son. U care none 4 us with sick babies only the age 2 kids.

  23. AutieParentsUnited says:

    Yes, but MERCURY still existed. Mercury existed in fish and some over the counter products. What their saying is it’s more common now, because mercury is now in vaccines and thimerosal.

  24. barbiegeek says:


  25. barbiegeek says:

    Children have been diagnosed with autism before thymersol. There are records of mental institutions in the 1800′s of people having same behavior.

    Autism has risen for 60 years after penicillin. Children are not dying like they did before. They survive colds, strep, etc.

    I’m not saying penicillin is the cause, I’m saying that our autistic kids would have died of illness as baby’s if there wasn’t antibiotics. More kids surviving, more adults that surviving bearing kids, more autism.

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