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25 Responses to “Jingle Bell”
  1. whitecastle323 says:

    he looks like the little monster from the movie 300

  2. joshster89 says:

    jingo bell

  3. MrTeges97 says:

    1. pause the video
    2. push play
    3. hold number 5 down
    4. laugh at the sound

  4. JBlitz97 says:

    how do you not laugh when doing your videos?!

  5. TheFakeBurger says:

    If I celebrated christmas, I’d play this while dancing around the christmas tree xD

  6. fehquig says:

    They should update the lyrics to “Tin Can Chevrolet.”

  7. sabrinac1 says:

    He’d easily pass the audition for “The Sound of Music”.

  8. joshster89 says:

    I laughed for 1.17 minutes straight! “ron arona sleigh”?

  9. TheLittlesatsuma says:

    shit dude u crack me up all the time lol

  10. BirdyBirdyWoofWoof says:

    thank you mr.pregnant for updating the lyrics for us :)

  11. LOLlyPops462 says:

    its one horse open slay not one whore open slay

  12. kmjnhh123 says:

    Hee should go people houses and sing and record it XD, like so he can do this :)

  13. melissa7638 says:

    everyone type gift before youtube!

  14. bundangbear says:

    oh mai what fun!!

  15. gothgirl121212 says:

    happy new year mrpregnant!

  16. kevinsuperhero says:

    “…..thank you” xD

  17. svveetkitten says:

    lol @ u -reafin da lyracs-

  18. LadyRene100 says:

    lol u 2 much

  19. BiBi856Bro0 says:


  20. 12theory says:

    u make me puke go die

  21. 12theory says:

    ur nobody, doin nuthin ur shitface, nobody knows even if u are talented LOL well its clear that u arent.
    so shut the fuk up bitchass king faggot.

  22. Reaper5366 says:

    “bells are raaa ra raaa, making spirits laaaaa, oh what fun oh yaaa yaa yaa,in a one horse openn slayyy ” lmfaooo oh mann
    remix was amazing

  23. dittocopys says:

    this made me feel much better. thanks mrpregnant

  24. ApollonianKing says:

    Waste of a great, talented man…

  25. alwirdo says:

    jingle bell is like havin only one testicle.

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