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18 Responses to “Joey, 5 yrs old”
  1. sfaywilcox says:

    He looks like a bright, typical, five year old. The tests you’ve given him are a little advanced for Kindergarten age children. I don’t know if you were worried b/c he couldn’t complete all of the Simon Says test but he did well and was such a good little boy. Some mild stereotypies (hand flapping) are not abnormal. If he is tested, I would assume that he would not meet the criteria for ASD at this time (based on this video).

  2. Stoogefan14 says:

    If he does have some sort of autism spectrum disorder then treat it as special gift.

  3. Korea4Me says:

    @VanessaCArthur From this video and your description of him, the diagnosis seems correct. My daughter was not as good with her speech even at 5 years old. I hope his symptoms improve but, if not, living with a higher spectrum autistic child can be very rewarding. xx

  4. VanessaCArthur says:

    @Korea4Me Hi, yes, we did get him evaluated by a psychologist, and the conclusion was that he has Autistic tendencies, possibly Aspergers, or symptoms are resulting from living with a mentally unstable custodial parent, in that case, symptoms might resolve on their own, but will wait and see another year if any new symptoms pop up or continue. Thank you for your concern.

  5. Korea4Me says:

    @VanessaCArthur That’s right, Vanessa. My daughter (she’s 15 years old now) was diagnosed with HFA. She did not start to speak properly until she was 5 years old. At four years old, she was usually communicating by crying and screaming. I hope you finally got him referred for proper diagnosis. xx

  6. HigherPlanes says:

    Seems like your typical 5 year old child. What’s the problem?

  7. kiddlyjesus3000 says:

    have you had him tested for tongue tie ask him to stick his tongue out as far as he can i have aspergers but i have a vocab of a normal person my age but when i was little i was the same way so get a doctor to look at him cause it could be as simple as ear issues or a tongue tie rule those out first then move from there if i was you but it all up to you i hope i am not being rude i dont mean to be if i am

  8. danielamadama says:

    if this child ‘truly autistic contact me immediately:

  9. danielamadama says:

    if this child ‘truly autistic contact me immediately:

  10. BPFsGirl says:

    My children always act silly when I try to get them to do something on my cue, unless they know they’re going to make someone laugh or something. Often, they’ll also be silly (talk or gesture in a strange way) just to ease tenseness in a situation. He seems like a wonderful little boy and I would just focus on giving him lots of love and a little more time to get up to speed. I’ve seen children much older who had less focus than he does.

  11. cheatsyokoopa says:

    it is autism i hand flapping does he do something he wished he never did my grandpa put my finger in the birds mouth just to bite it he wished he never did it

  12. KSitz77 says:

    There is nothing wrong with this kid. I think we are way to fast to attribute things to a condition. He can follow directions, has good vocabulary and interactive skills. Nothing to worry about mom. I have a mildy autistic daughtyer who was not functioning at this capacity at 5 years old.

  13. xmom1011x says:

    @VanessaCArthur No, kids with Asperger’s generally have advanced vocabulary with more limited gestures and non-verbal skills. My cousin however, has high functioning autism, didn’t talk until he was four, but is very bright with colors, numbers, and is even reading some now at 5. I can’t tell ya much just from your videos other than it seems like something is up possible autism related. I would see a different doctor if yours refuses a referral. Sometimes ya have to be pushy to get help.

  14. VanessaCArthur says:

    @xmom1011x That’s exactly what has happened to us so far, he is very bright with letters and numbers, colors. But our son has a speech delay as well, he could barely speak at 4 yrs old, and that is not a symptom of Aspersers right?

  15. xmom1011x says:

    Reminds me of my son. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. We had a hard time obtaining a diagnosis, because the dr’s said he was too smart. We found another doctor and a good child psychologist.

  16. VanessaCArthur says:

    @evilislive1 Are you Autistic?

  17. evilislive1 says:

    hes like me

  18. idecidewhatscool says:

    From the way he talks, I would think not. Hand-flapping is a symptom of autism, but some neurotypical children do it too. If he does at all, it would be very very mild. His relatedness is clearly very good. I have a 3.5 yr-old daughter with high functioning autism, a typical 5 year old boy, and a typical 1 yr-old. I think this kid would get along just fine with my 5 year old typical child.

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