John Elder Robison speaks οח һοw people’s differences mаkе tһеm іmрοrtаחt.

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7 Responses to “John Elder Robison on aspergers…”
  1. chunktuff says:

    thats funny.. i just got done telling a friend almost the exact same thing he’s saying in the video

  2. TheForthcoming1 says:

    Good video!

  3. meeshlabelle says:

    I love what he’s saying… I’m socially adept, but I am very “unbalanced” intellectually. I have a 186 verbal IQ (guess what I do for a living – writer!) and a 76 spatial IQ… which is what used to be termed “retarded,” but is not politely phrased as “developmentally-challenged.” I tell friends learn how to turn on the faucet every morning, and they laugh at my joke… but it’s not THAT far from the truth!

    Keeps me humble… we are all unique. But some of us are also WEIRD. :D

  4. meeshlabelle says:

    Yes, it’s “Look Me In The Eye.” His brother, Augusten Burroughs, work is amazing, too… he’s actually a writer, by profession. Start with “Running with Scissors” and go from there…

  5. traumgeist says:

    It’s called “Look me in the eye” and everyone should read it :-)

  6. kapitiqueen says:

    Hope I remembered the title of your book correctly John. If not, apologies.

  7. kapitiqueen says:

    Read this bloke’s book, Look At Me When I Talk To You, it was awesome!

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