Tһе first study tο link a childhood vaccine tο autism wаѕ based οח doctored information аbουt tһе children involved, according tο a חеw report οח tһе widely discredited research. (Jan. 6)

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25 Responses to “Journal: Study Linking Vaccine to Autism ‘Fraud’”
  1. Chardansearavitriol says:

    .And now every single credible, professional outlet has totally and utterly called this man a fraud and supplied ample evidence to that point, which is why the fraud wont be sueing anyone; he cant win. Because it was FAKED.

    love how there are still hangers on. Conspiracy theorists are funny. they dont even recognize how dumb a conspiracy itd need to be to have thuosands of videos up. If theyre not taken down, its kinda hard to claim conspiracy against it :P windmills do not work that way

  2. tonetarnold says:

    If someone can gather the facts linking development of autism due to vaccines from the 1940s to now, please contact me :)

    Or even if it is in the 1980′s. Oh yeah, I forgot! Autism wasn’t fully defined until the vaccine scare was initiated. This could mean that many parents have been feeding their children processed foods and artificial food products. Why aren’t anyone linking that to autism???

  3. treid100182 says:

    no shit.

  4. trento654 says:

    @Youngmoon08 cause there are less amish people than actual normal people

  5. trento654 says:

    @ShadeRage2007 oh is that what i have done now/

  6. DeFy18 says:

    People will always say this but just imagine if your child doesnt get a vaccination and they get a disease that ends up killing them, or becoming a carrier and killing others or even bringing back old viruses like polio. Just people needing something to use a scape goat and they found vaccines.

  7. billybassman21 says:

    These nut jobs like Jenny Mccarthy and Alex Jones will continue to spread their junk science and conspiracy theories about vaccines. These people have made up their mind and no amount of science will change it. Hopefully vaccine rates will go back up now.

  8. mustanglead says:

    Whatever.. Who owns AP?

  9. Youngmoon08 says:

    I don’t believe this report one bit. Why don’t Amish people have the same levels of autism as the rest of the world?

  10. ShadeRage2007 says:

    @trento654 I may be a delusional twat, but unlike yourself I don’t talk out of my ass.

  11. Josephdaz1 says:

    Always read the insert that comes with the vaccine. The doctor or whomever administering the shot will usually not volunteer this info. Don’t believe all vaccines are a good thing, they are not. Just read the insert on the vaccine for this years flu shots (side affects) and you’ll get my point.

  12. lionelubc says:

    @polevaultrockstr Could you rephrase this post. Who is ‘he’ and which product is whom the sole invester?

  13. lionelubc says:

    @khalira I am aware of what is in vaccines. There is no link between Themerosal and autism. Thimerosal is no longer in infant or child vaccines to be safe. Vaccines contain some type of the bacteria or virus, either in a killed form or attenuated form so that it is not harmful. They also contain preservatives such as Thimerosal (not harmful).
    Could you please indicate an incident where ‘Big Pharma’ lost money as a result of these ingredients.

  14. lionelubc says:

    @polevaultrockstr sorry, what does that have to do with anything? Who mentioned anything about the rotavirus, and what controversy surrounds the rotavirus vaccine? What are you talking about?

  15. lionelubc says:

    @LostFREEDOM I will take the vaccines. These are not lies. Smallpox is gone, Measles no longer kills millions of people every year. I have never known anyone with poliomyelitis! There are no credible studies showing a link between vaccines and autism. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD if you are going to be anti-vaccine ATLEAST take the time to find a real point against them! Just 1! Present one good, non sandwhich board guy on the street “the end is near” argument!

  16. kruat43 says:

    I knew art bell and george norry were full of shit! LOL

  17. khalira says:

    @lionelubc Yes unfortunatly I have been hit with these shots. This is propaganda that the AP is posting here. Are you familiar with the ingredience inside of these shots? There are some dangerous chemicals inside of these so called “vacinations” and big pharma has lost a lot of money because people are finding out about them (Thimerosal is one). I dont know if these shot cause Autism for sure, but the Med industry is NOT in the buisness of “cures”. Bigger profits are made off treatments.

  18. polevaultrockstr says:

    @threadysparrow How can you argue that someone is biased for 750,000 and then ignore $29 to $55 million becasue he is making it and is the sole investor in the product? And I’m the idiot haha

  19. threadysparrow says:

    @polevaultrockstr yeah you kind of need money to invent things like vaccines. why dont you go do your job for free then. idiot

  20. Asiablue says:

    Co-relation does not equal causation. On the other hand, there are a lot of politics that precedes the publication of science papers. Remember, it took decades to correct the scientific position that smoking is not addictive, nor is there evidence that it causes cancer.

  21. haarpWillNOTbeSilent says:

    If we dont revolt very fucking soon, we’ll all be killed without a fight…!
    This is lie after lie after lie…!

  22. LostFREEDOM says:

    @lionelubc bullshit !! lies !!! this is a criminal interprize… ou take the vaccines , ill pass

  23. polevaultrockstr says:

    many people cite Wakefield and his lawsuit that he had ongoing but fail to talk about Paul Offit, the doctor featured on the ABC news article, that was paid between $29 and $55 million to develop the vaccine for rota virus.

    ” Because the vaccine is jointly owned by CHOP and by the Wistar Institute but Offit is the only inventor listed on the patent from CHOP, he received 100 percent of inventor’s rights payments from CHOP.”

    ya sounds like the guy has no interest in the outcome of this at all..

  24. polevaultrockstr says:

    @lionelubc yes but they did not prove anything wrong as the OP said in his comment. They simply restate things they hear like anyone else, so I fail to see why their show prove that this is a non-issue. I can point out many different videos and court rulings saying there is a correlation between the two. IF the OP had answered with the original article they cite, it would have made a much better argument, but saying that Penn and Teller proved this to be wrong is silly.

  25. lionelubc says:

    @LostFREEDOM “BIG Pharma” makes very little from vaccines as they are a 1-3 shot deal, not a drug you take every day. The profits certainly aren’t in the Trillion range. Vaccines do not “keep us sick” infact vaccination campaigns have removed diseases ie. smallpox from the face of the earth, and through vaccination many diseases have been removed from the first world. Thanks to “Big Pharma” polio and measles may soon also be erradicated!

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