one οf mу favorite songs. revived bу wіƖƖ smith. catch υѕ аt tһе walk fοr autism tһіѕ november 14, 2009 donate here аt check out info οח tһе walk http

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25 Responses to “Just the Two of Us (AJ & Jenny) Walk for Autism Promo”
  1. xamandaxalyssax says:

    @Nielsx1 umm no i don’t know who wrote but i did not write that

  2. Nielsx1 says:

    @xamandaxalyssax u mad?

    fangirls are so damn annoying.

    still nice video btw aj, still nice rack

  3. AyGabay05 says:

    hahaha! i love jenny!

  4. DanaaeTM says:

    Hahahahah awhh so cute (x

  5. flowersarealive says:

    aww guys you’re awesome :)

  6. jjguerra48 says:


  7. pinoyaa says:

    ror once he starts singing the song jenny just runs down like its christmas lmaoo

  8. flapflapflap4 says:

    um, jenny is hot. that is all

  9. marlo916 says:

    aj. sorry… but prepare to have your gf stolen from you. by me. lol. jk. but srsly.

  10. Madboiie says:

    lol jenny got cute dancin lol loving and suporting you kuya aj

  11. krentitita says:

    Is good… I laughed a lot

  12. drkykiske says:

    you did an amazing job. id hope to see you do a full version.

  13. fallenstar821 says:

    i love how jenny just runs out of no where and starts dancing lol you guys make such a cute couple :]

  14. lilmecton says:

    @ashleyoswell32 all musicians i guess. One knew another one… & then, they were all friends. (maybe) x)

  15. kevinluryaj says:

    hahah that was funny when jenny ran down stairs

  16. MintSmiley17 says:

    Will you finish the song please?(:

  17. MarrksBeaast says:

    jenny suk is fionnne.

  18. LeszleBL says:

    jenny suk is hot

  19. ashleyoswell32 says:

    how do you guys all know eachother….??? (jenny, tim, cat, BLYSS, you, etc.)

  20. Cosmogirl716 says:

    it would have been great if she fell down twhen running and screaming to the piano and then got up and started singin haha…only if

  21. lk0micho says:

    dope voice nygel

  22. chelseas220 says:


  23. DINOsam05 says:

    lol, that’s gotta be one massive wedgie for her to be pickin at it the whole video.

    do the whole song!
    I’ll download that ish

  24. iloveuk90 says:

    yeah why don’t u finish the songgg?!
    (sad face~)

  25. Mo0m0oSaZn says:

    I wish I could play the piano that easily, hahaha.

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