Eden Sawczenko used tο recoil wһеח οtһеr girls held һеr hand аחԁ turned stiff wһеח tһеу hugged һеr. Tһіѕ year, tһе 4-year-οƖԁ autistic girl bеɡаח playing wіtһ a robot tһаt teaches аbουt emotions аחԁ physical contact _ аחԁ now ѕһе hugs everyone. (March 8)

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25 Responses to “Kaspar the Friendly Robot Helps Autistic Kids”
  1. BlueEyes72 says:

    creepy ass thing, leave the robots to the japanese!

  2. JuniorVideographer says:

    I’m autistic and that thing would freak me out O.O

  3. hadazul1990 says:

    OMG its chuckies cousin

  4. bubber25 says:

    @hannahsonya you should realize all these “studies” are backed up and financed by the very people who push this on its victims. Mercury IS in the shots mercury does mangle the brain. ok. thats a solid fact. Youtube search this: “what mercury does to the brain” its a university medical video. . But ya know what. dont listen to that just continue to pump your kids full of poison and when you get cancer go get chemo…radiated!…Yes radiation. and DIE like ur supposed to. Eugenics

  5. maryandchild says:

    @bubber25 no really, all of this has been debunked time and time again, and the original link was ‘found’ in a fraudulent study. there was a study done recently with thimerasol noting that children who are exposed to it between birth and 20 months are LESS likely to develop autism, even. perhaps you should ‘just google’ it. :)

  6. renovawolborg says:

    this robot is the new seed of chucky!

  7. Miikaika25 says:


  8. HyperNessie says:

    Her mom sounds like a man! :/

  9. Espie1979 says:

    this thing looks like an asian sex offender.

  10. Hope4theJourney says:

    There are so many treatment options it can overwhelm any mother.
    That is why we are having a free event in South Florida on April 23rd 2011. Be renewed, encouraged and inspired by mothers who have experienced this journey and want to bring hope to others. Visit our site to learn more.”Special Needs Mom. Org

  11. Hope4theJourney says:

    There are so many treatment options it can overwhelm any mother.

  12. jenbrown007 says:

    @bubber25 interesting, may i ask what you are doing with this essential info? are you planning to try and help people with Autism? thanks

  13. OneofRyleh says:

    As someone with autism this thing freaks me the fuck out.

  14. Twinlild says:


  15. MlSSlNGN0 says:

    @SmokeDef007 better then real kids

  16. Ryuuken24 says:

    Simplified version of chucky, yeah, I said it.

  17. bubber25 says:

    @hannahsonya Just google thimerasol. its a real ingredient in the vaccines. thimerasol is a MERCURY based ”
    preservative” NO amount of mercury is safe in the human body…NONE. But then again you drink city tap water with SODIUM FLUORIDE and CHLORINE. Rat poison for over 40 years. The big pharmacy corp is nothing but eugenics…thats population control.. Autism is very good for the eugenicists because theres a good chance autistic people will not reproduce.

  18. hannahsonya says:

    @bubber25 Please re-check your info. All of that research is fraudulent and cannot be duplicated by others. You are spreading horribly false information.

  19. Joevolcano1000 says:

    I for one welcome our new CyberTard overlords

  20. bubber25 says:

    i wonder if kaspar can tell them their autism is because the disgusting pharmacide industry gave them the autism thru the vaccines they recieved from the hospital? and tell the kids their brains were mauled by the mercury that was in them? can kaspar tell the kids they can improve by taking vitamin C powder and chlorella to take out the mercury in their bodys? Naaaa i doubt it can. what a useless robot

  21. evangrogers says:

    I’m curious if there has actually been research showing it helps.

    News programs suck at talking about this.

  22. dreamslovesoul says:

    Nonthreatening?! It’s threateningly intimidatingly scary!!

  23. dollycarcass says:

    @SmokeDef007 HOLY SHITTTTT!!!!!! XD
    I’ll send one to my dad.

  24. agent4051 says:

    Thats creepy.

  25. kevinrsp says:

    Yeah, great. Give Chucky Doll to kids who have a hard time expressing emotions. BAD IDEA! You over thinkers give it a rest already and just keep loving on the kids.

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