kid having temper tantrum over freaking video games… wooooow.

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25 Responses to “kid having temper tantrum over DS”
  1. oplivecrime206 says:

    @ChelseaBun29 its called disciplin. Maybe if the kid wasnt acting like that and asked nicely 4 it back maybe he would have gotten it. The kids lucky dad didnt beat his ass

  2. ChelseaBun29 says:

    why video that what a stupid video dude you could have stopped the argueing by giving the ds back why would a grown man wanna play it any way get a job

  3. ChelseaBun29 says:

    dude your a weirdo why would you video something like that and dude with the ds grow up it s a game boy give it back to the kid

  4. kaidos123 says:

    haha. best sister ever

  5. torskdiver says:

    DAD: I gotta respect you for parenting your kids. Good job.

  6. SmexyYaoiFTW says:

    this is why i aint having kids

  7. TatooRockz says:


  8. Maddash07 says:

    @metaldude82 maybe it’s the kid that’s cruel for not sharing

  9. sorryaccessdenied says:

    @BorderlandNetskey agreed man

  10. sorryaccessdenied says:

    @Pinesal same here man i threw a fit when icouldnt play my ds because i did something i wasnt supose too

  11. sorryaccessdenied says:

    im 15 and i hate kids sometimes espacially when they do this and cry UGH!!!. we’ve all been that kid once in our life and the people saying thats bad parenting your wrong he was just diciplining his son. if my parents back down when i had a temper tantrum i would be a brat right now but im not. also her video taping was really not helping but im glad she did so i could watch this lol and the guy playing the ds while the kid is have mental breakdown about one was soo making it worse like seriusly

  12. iverson25allen says:

    @omnimon64 -Agreed!

  13. TheMysteryofRoblox says:

    Game:temur tantrumDS . xD

  14. omnimon64 says:

    @iverson25allen Nah he a beast for that

  15. iverson25allen says:

    Lmfao the dude playing the ds is a jerk.

  16. metaldude82 says:

    When did anyone use profanity and why should the dad be shot? I think the cruel ones are the guy playing the game in front of the kid and the girl taking the video.

  17. metaldude82 says:

    How can you tell?

  18. TheKingCameron says:

    @jurassicparkboy psp is better

  19. TheKingCameron says:

    @MaxDeloach kirby’s a ds game

  20. Clamfyre says:

    Everyone in this video is rediculous. It isn’t just the spoiled kid or the angry ass dad, but the other guy playing the DS in front of the kid isn’t helping the situation at all. Also, the girl who made this is a sadist bitch.

  21. tinkiepink56 says:

    Kid Got Spanked By His Dad At 1:43

  22. tinkiepink56 says:

    Dad Spanked The Kid At 1:43

  23. Mason72497 says:

    Get upsteeeeehhhhhhsss rofl what kind of dumb accent is that

  24. rockkong1 says:

    @Danewolfair SHUTUP

  25. Danewolfair says:

    i do agree the dad is cruel but profanity IS STUPID AND WORTHLESS THE DAD SHOULD BE SHOT

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