Iח A world without learning difficulties (Famous people wіtһ learning difficulties) Itѕ аmаᴢіחɡ wһаt уου саח achieve ! (Dyslexia / Autisum).

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25 Responses to “Learning Difficulties Awareness”
  1. discocreator76 says:

    I work with learning difficulties and they are nothing like the people in this video, they are useless, brainless imbecillies with nothing at all to offer society, other than a huge bill for their care….

  2. samann95014 says:

    @MGX890 me too! exactly the same way. never did homeworks, got abuses & beatings from teachers. everybody thought i was hopeless & doubted if i could go to high school. to my own surprise i did very well. graduated from top schools in the world – iit bombay & stanford. next i wanna be the dyslexic billionaire.

  3. sirhonestharry says:

    @georgieonmymindgreat. these people made their own logic that WE learn today. Many of them had Autism like in my video “Famous people with Autism” You know, Bill Gates dropped out of harvard on what he called a “little business idea.” lol

  4. PIXIEGIRL12341 says:

    Haha totally shows having a LD can’t change everything!!

    If we’re weaker at one thing it will only make us stronger at another!!

  5. lapoet77 says:

    Great video! If you would like to hear some really good information about learning disabilities, take a look at my channel. I have and LD and was able to get a degree in mathematics. I am also poet and playwright. – LeDerick Horne

  6. contash222 says:

    awesome video!!! thanks man it has given me lots of courage!!!

  7. mycutesims says:

    Didn’t Mozart compose his first music piece at age 5 or something? I guess he had other learning disabilities.

  8. justboycrazy45 says:

    check out my “Famous ADD/ADHDers” video.

  9. trexpaddock says:

    You forgot Shakespeare & Mark Twain.

  10. valiswaverider says:

    Check the video” ask me about dyslexia”

  11. valiswaverider says:

    Check the video” ask me about dyslexia”

  12. duchovony says:

    The people who regard you as ‘imbiciles’ are the true imbilciles for their lack of understanding of the challenges you face in this life and I for one being a support worker for learning difficulties have seen amazing things from the people I have cared for and have been blown away but what they achieve!

  13. dresden67 says:

    Math, reading ,spelling sucked for me too, the only thing that made sense was biology the symbols made sense as well as formulas why was that? Drawing and history also my best subjects.

  14. Serenityblu23 says:

    I suck at math. i pasted because my teacher was tired of me. had her twice and the other math teacher once for algebra 1 x

  15. KimIsMissing says:

    Math… lol saaame. the only way I passed is because of this aesome teacher I had that helped me on the tests and the special classes they put me in (the classes with double the time).

  16. Serenityblu23 says:

    i hated school especialy math. had to rwetake one class 3 times

  17. KimIsMissing says:

    BAD, I cant seem to get anyting there. But my art makes up for it.

  18. Serenityblu23 says:

    how’s school?

  19. ShakespeareActress says:

    I am extremly dyslecix and dyscalculus. I know what it is like to have people make fun of you because of that. Thank god I am home schooled, so I don’t get as much as I would propaly get in school, but I still get it. One thing I have learned is that some people make fun because I can use a spell checker in test and get more time to do in class assinments, so they are jelous. But it is still hard. Thanks for posting this vedio to help people know about us and stuff! <3

  20. Sarecaman548 says:

    Good luck coping with the rest of your life, if anyone calls you annoying names just for something you can’t help, then they truly are ignorant pigs who think they get a good life out of making others’ lives bad.

  21. MGX890 says:

    I have severe ADHD and dylexia – I was always judged as a retard (and still am sometimes) even my mother thought id grow up mentally deficient. I never understood my lessons I never done my homework – and I still have sometimes trouble understanding what people say to me (Really bad concentration)
    But I know I have a vast imagination, ambition and IQ of 155 (& im going to Uni) So I say it to everyone with problems- be ambitious, people change & don’t see things as black and white+ ur not alone

  22. xpxi says:

    i have dylexia i study a art but then i sent of the corse because i had to do a 10`000 word easa.witch was inposible in those days.i had to write about picaso but they did`nt like what i wrote becose they never understood it.

  23. KimIsMissing says:

    I have ADHD, and while I do horribly in school I ended up a preofessional pastel artist at the age of 14. Yet, somehow, I let it get to me and ended up with Clinical depression. When I was only 12 or 13, and didnt get better till I was 15. But now, I just tell those teachers who say I’ll never be in college to piss off. I can do it, I know I can!

  24. bumsucker101 says:

    I have dyslexia and so do my mom, dad, two sisters and my brother. Very hard….especially for my brother that has problems and let people get to him. He had the worst out of all of us. I had really bad hearing since I was young and learned how to talk when I was around 5 years old. I am proud of who I am, but I wish that some people can respect us and should learn a little more about dyslexia and how has/had dyslexia.

  25. aspiechris says:

    Hi ya
    Im an Aspie, I made a video a couple of days ago, posted it and then found yours.
    It was very similar to yours,the style music etc- a bit uncanny actually, we may think very alike.Scary!
    P.S liked your vid better!
    Chris New Zealand

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