Owen Saunders аחԁ ten οf һіѕ classmates recorded a song fοr Autism Speaks urging tһе world tο Light It Up Blue fοr World Autism Awareness Day. Visit www.lightitupblue.org tο ɡеt involved.

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25 Responses to “Light It Up Blue”
  1. tinyt1112 says:

    This video is amazing, my roommate showed this to me and we are gettting our college campus to getting involved and “Lighting it up Blue” Amazing job!!!!

  2. amwoodfin says:

    I know all of those kids its true i asked if i could be in it but owen promised the other kids so i woas ok with it

  3. epcaseys says:

    wow…..POWERFUL campaign!!!!!! i’m so excited to be part of your 4th annual campaign in MINNEAPOLIS, MN. ‘guess this tugs even more at my heart as i have the extreme privilege to walk and talk alongside these exceptional kids everyday at our local public high school.

  4. livieloo122 says:

    @IamNOTstalkingU the boy wrote tha song and his classmates and ohther children frrom westchester went and recorded…and also those who have autism

  5. TheBabbiee1230 says:

    @IamNOTstalkingU Lol Thanks!

  6. IamNOTstalkingU says:

    @TheBabbiee1230 you should upload some videos of you singing, be the UK bieber

  7. heynowimarockstar says:

    @IamNOTstalkingU I don’t think he was in it.

  8. heynowimarockstar says:

    @heynowimarockstar Well I used to. Now I don’t. But I did.

  9. heynowimarockstar says:

    @evarocks123 Me too!

  10. Gusandteddybear says:

    great song

  11. bumpyheart says:

    Beautiful song! My son gets amazing comfort from it. Thank you for being you, all of you !!!!

  12. evarocks123 says:

    Those kids go to my school!

  13. IamNOTstalkingU says:

    @livieloo122 and who wrote it? the boy? which one? Bc i thought it was the dud talking at first.

  14. sampalmer3010 says:

    Excellent song! Very impressive that it was written by such a young and talented boy. Great vocals too! A fab team

  15. livieloo122 says:

    @IamNOTstalkingU 12! the best age evaaaa

  16. TheBabbiee1230 says:


  17. IamNOTstalkingU says:

    @livieloo122 how old is she?

  18. livieloo122 says:

    @IamNOTstalkingU yes that is really her voice.. she is from England…she is my best friend! the one and only HARRIET

  19. IamNOTstalkingU says:

    The girl singing the verses. She was incredible. Was that really her voice?

  20. hockeysk8er221 says:

    AMAZING!!!!! :D

  21. mikepalmeruk says:

    Great video kids, brilliant job! We’ll be lighting it up blue, light it up blue

  22. laxbroski97 says:

    nice job guys! I still can’t tell who is doing the solo? Whoever it is did a GREAT job!

  23. laxbroski97 says:

    nice job guys! I still can’t tell who is doing the solo? Whoever it is did a GREAT job!

  24. livieloo122 says:

    @sandydavey haRRIET pALMER

  25. livieloo122 says:

    @suerillo :) HARRIET WAS GREAT

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