Linda discovering “assburgers” syndrome, frοm tһе episode “Crosstalk”.

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8 Responses to “Linda on Becker”
  1. TheShiv101 says:

    @bjoh249 hahaha lol ;] ;]

  2. bjoh249 says:

    @TheShiv101 I think Linda herself with her “certain assets” had a lot to do with it if you catch my drift ;)

  3. TheShiv101 says:

    lol such an air head I wonder what favour Becker owed her Dad? It had to be pretty big to Hire Linda to be a secretary lol LOVE YOU SHAWNEEE!!!

  4. BeJustInTime says:

    I cannot stop laughing, which is causing a lack of breathing.
    I love Linda! I love Shawnee!

  5. LucilleEvelyn says:

    This is just awesome! Linda is hilarious! Love to listen to Linda and Margareth’s conversations!!!
    Love Shawnee to bits!!
    Thank you for sharing the vid!

  6. bjoh249 says:

    Love it! Those are some of the best scenes in the whole series.

  7. NikJ92 says:

    Crosstalk. :]

  8. IAmMeMe87 says:

    LOL! Which episode was this again??

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