A small documentary I mаԁе аbουt roommate аחԁ һіѕ struggle οf living wіtһ Aspergers.

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25 Responses to “Living with Aspergers”
  1. voncoolio says:

    @calvin1228 lol, you just showed how crap at socialising you are!

  2. ngaulin says:

    will do.

  3. joimejia says:

    what a shame it was inaudible. please fix the sound.

  4. Thanos700 says:

    I have asperger’s. I used to get upset watching other peoples AS videos on youtube but im starting to realize everyone’s different instead of feeling misrepresented. I used to be like “well im not like that!” but now i just extract any feeling of kinship i can and try to learn about the disorder from a broader perspective.

  5. 0nemest0 says:

    kind of

  6. 0nemest0 says:

    so do

  7. 0nemest0 says:


  8. paulwall1981 says:

    I kinow what you have been through. Being a person with the same disorder, I know how hard it is to talk others, strangers more so. So I just leraned to become more used to pepole. However it took me 28 years and I still have a hard time with pepole that I don’t know or have not seen for a long time. So yes it’s hard. But your doing a gr8 job.

  9. trbl66621 says:

    Well that is just terrific for you but my son has AS and yes he does have socializing issues and so does 3 other kids I know that have AS. So terrific for you that you dont.

  10. calvin1228 says:

    i have this condition and your all kinda wrong not every body that has it has problems with sociallizinf, making friends and understanding other peoples emotions coz i can do them thingswithout a problem and i have lots friends and i can socialize so think again about how say things about people with AS syndrome coz theres only few people that dnt show it and everything if you get me

  11. ngaulin says:

    true, thank you!

  12. SteveeAlbino says:


  13. Lars1993 says:

    i know what crying is but for some reason i don’t feel anything when another person cries and i do not really care, and basically..aspergers can’t be attention whores because that’s the whole point, erm..the whole point is that they do not wish contact with people so basically they can’t be attention whores.

  14. TCFan25 says:

    We’re just wired differently to the average person out there.. and that makes me feel sort of proud and happy!!!

  15. gklue says:

    oh I can totally agree with that! :D

  16. chairehead says:

    ??, what do you mean

  17. KiTcHeNwItCh76 says:

    sigur ros,couldn’t have made a better song choice!!!love the video :)

  18. lexxintegra says:

    Great info! The audio level will be nicer when the music is balanced with the voices… Thanks for sharing =0)

  19. inlonging says:

    pretty cool house of cards

  20. maniacmuppetman says:

    How can you think we are attention whores? I hate having aspergers and i . it hate getting help and attention for it, It makes me feel smothered. And are you saying that tthese people with aspergers, who have no friends and are being bullied are attention whores? Grow up, and learn more. aspergers means that you cannot understand emotions. What other disorder soes that? And you are saying that it is not real! well what makes us not able to understand emotions!

  21. prowelder85 says:

    ass burgers

  22. thebenchwarmer says:

    or ass burgers.. XD XD I think i might have a mild form of it? shrug

  23. swimfan2671 says:

    Im tired of people saying its caused by toxins and things in the environment! I have aspergers and I believe i was born with it.

  24. jerbar120 says:

    i belve theres more then this about as

  25. Asprothecat says:

    I have it myself,but not too severely.

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