Matt іѕ аח adult wіtһ autism. Tһіѕ іѕ a news ѕtοrу tһаt features Matt аѕ һе searches fοr employment wіtһ tһе autism ƖаbеƖ.

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25 Responses to “Living with Autism – Matt’s Story”
  1. Autisticmatt says:

    Autism is like having a paragraph of info in you head but you can’t quite get it out. We’ll how did you “Matt” make it this far? I was thrown to the fire so to speak. Life is about overcoming- those with pain who have felt- have truly lived.

  2. ClaudiaSwann says:

    @hardys1995 I think it’s because of an organisation that uses a puzzle piece as it’s icon.

  3. marlyonama says:

    social stories are not just for autism, but also for behavioral disorders a child may have. These kids also have troubles with social situations cause they act out.

  4. bobbyradfo says:

    autism is not a young persons disease. autism is caused by the corpus collosum, which connects the two halves of the brain in communication, to not operate properly in exchanging information but where they are deficient, is a reciprocating advancement in certain cognitive functions.

  5. Sitheis2009 says:

    @bunnyz324 Not all people over 21 have autism. Only some do. There are lots of children with autism, and when they become adults they still have autism. I’ve got it myself.

  6. bunnyz324 says:

    what do u mean they dont hold them back several more yrs in college

  7. MedicineAlternative says:

    because of vaccinations

  8. katasmama says:

    because it is something to help people understand that putting the pieces together to understand autism is like putting together a puzzle!

  9. bunnyz324 says:

    why do people over 21 have autism

  10. Kingcobrasaurus says:

    Well, you should not care about what other people say about you or your friends/family anyway.

    And yes, I can be a corrupting influence around those around me.

  11. bikeboysp1 says:

    You sound so suspicious. I’ve just be told that my son has Autism. I’m so distraught. I’ve found your comment soul destroying. To me your ignorance is a disorder!!

  12. pinkfluff0305 says:

    my 3 year old son has autism andit kills me! I hate how ignorant and cruel some people are towards it!

  13. hardys1995 says:

    why do they always show puzzle pieces when talking about autism?

  14. Kingcobrasaurus says:

    All kids deserve equal treatment. But I hate when people use their disorders as a sympathy magnet. Some parents mention that their kids have autism purposefully just so people will feel sorry for their kids.

  15. Libera36 says:

    You loathe autistic kids for the amount of ‘undeserved love and attention’?? All kids deserve to be loved and payed attention to. I know autistic kids whose family ignores them. What makes them undeserving of love and attention?

  16. WizardOfHumor1989 says:

    Sometimes it happens to me.
    I have Aspergers Syndrome. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to come up with the right words, even when I’m with friends at my school. To join in conversations with friends, I’d have to listen in for several moments in order to think of the right things to say when conversing.

  17. CalebTheDestroyer says:

    i feel the same man, my bro is 10
    i hate when he gets made fun of in school

  18. trishkellytrishkelly says:

    My brother has autism, he’s just 12. I just hope he’ll do well in the future… It’s just so hard and sad to think about it sometimes…

  19. curiousmumof2 says:

    i dream for my autistic son to come this far when he gets older! well done matt way to go!

  20. nonprofitgirl says:

    GOOD LUCK, MATT! You’re already totally impressive to me.

  21. MondoBeno says:

    I’ve got Aspergers and I have a lot of trouble following through with tasks and keeping time.
    Jobs have been hard. I get confused easily under pressure. Computers are a good job for you if you have autism, as long as you don’t have to hold your own against tough characters. That’s why teaching high school was difficult.

  22. filmcomposer says:

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  23. armenito says:

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  24. CoolNASCARGuy says:

    A Wisconsin Badger, eh?

  25. stinajay says:

    Hey, he was in my Spanish class at MATC. Smart guy!

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