Wһаt іѕ autism? Better TV shows уου һοw families cope wіtһ living wіtһ autism.

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25 Responses to “Living With Autism”
  1. Eiiesha says:

    Aw. that boy is very handsome. He looks like a sweet boy and a good guy at heart. :)

  2. truvelocity says:

    Thank you for that, I promise I’ll pass it on. My friend who wrote, “Matthews Box” by K.B. Austin, is a good one, too.

  3. UniqueMJPT says:

    Please check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  4. MsAngelaStevens says:

    I am glad this video is available for people to see. There is a great quote in this video from the mother… “We want our kids to be equipped to function at their optimal potential just like any child”. There is a website I’ve recently found that does just that, its called rethink autism. I am trying to get the word out because it is such a helpful tool for parents and professionals. It uses ABA therapy to maximize your child’s potential. Maybe it can help you or someone you know.

  5. waltermouthoh says:

    Pass legislation requiring those in th shadows who r pushing Vaccines be the first in line to get the vaccines At The Schools (highly monitored) wherever and whenever kids are going to get the shots. (School board members, Principals, Lawmakers, All pharma who have been pushing these, drug salesmen, MD’s, etc.) And make it so it’s the body weight equivalent to what the kids are getting. 40 pound child gets 4 shots = 160 lb adult getting 4 times the size of those 4 shots. Get petitions going!

  6. naufalnazhmi says:

    Lisa, ur video is so inspiring 4 me as i am a mom of an autistic son as well.
    Does Jordan speak?
    Was he verbal from beginning?
    Hw can I reach you Lisa? FYI, Im living in Indonesia



  7. scuzzbuzzproductions says:

    My friends Sister is Autistic and she’s actually really clever. To be honest I was shocked at how clever she is. Not saying Autistic people are dumb.
    She is a real pleasure to be around and I know my friends Mom finds is hard like most people do.
    We need more people like this woman in the video.


  8. sandyrod57 says:

    this is a very beautiful and touching story.I too have a five yr. old autistic son.He is my life and my joy.Right now he likes to tear papers or pictures that has peoples faces on it.he used to like to bite on he;s shirt and drools alot and no verbal.Now he his a lit’l progress over the yrs.

  9. inyunaruto365 says:

    No one in this world is normal. If they did, they’re wrong. Everyone’s different for a reason!!

    I know. I don’t have Autism, but I do have a learning Disability.

  10. MANCKIE says:

    i have twin autistic boys

  11. Winter077 says:

    Now thats what I call good parenting!

  12. lumoon09 says:

    GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! My son also has Autism, he is almost 16 yrs.old, Im a single mother raisung 3 wonderful boys!

  13. NocturnalBeeper says:

    It is very evident that your son has been in a very loving home. A place where he feels safe.

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband having MS. You are a very strong woman and I know that your family loves you and appreciates you being there for them.

    Take care

  14. 1tomone111 says:

    your an amazing mother! god bless you? he already has, it’s your son xx you know what i mean

  15. ediann says:

    This is a touching story of a mother’s love of her son who has autism. I am a father of an autistic son and I too wish to always be there for my son and be there to support and love him and give him the encouragement and tools he needs to grow and develop into a fine young man.

  16. catlovers928 says:

    this woman sounds kl

  17. MMRLoonie7 says:

    Hey Sachsen! What about the Asperger & Autism -(Mercury)- vaccine genocide against the West????

    Has Aspergers C.V looks very suspicious… ☠


  18. 4rebecca says:

    Thanks for this video. I made one about a family friend too. If you guys have a second, please check out autismrising-com

  19. LadyPastor1 says:

    My 10-year old daughter has autism. Right now, she would not be able to advocate for herself, but this gave me some hope that as she grows older, we will be able to work together for her.

  20. JennyFenny says:

    That is so touching.

  21. AHAHemo says:

    ouh i feel sad watching this idk why :>

  22. mmfan15 says:

    I have autism. I personally don’t like having it.

  23. Covening says:

    First comment, excellent video.

  24. DiabloHackerR says:


  25. imamusicgirl says:

    I wanted to give this Lady 2 thumbs up, Great Job. I agree with you don’t give them the disorder label, they are just a little different. We all learn differently. I think you are doing a wonderful job with your son!!

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