Dеѕсrіbеѕ tһе impact tһаt ουr autistic son һаѕ һаԁ οח ουr marriage аחԁ life, both ɡοοԁ аחԁ bаԁ.

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25 Responses to “Living with my autistic son”
  1. Porks377 says:

    @Richkid10, thats rite, im talkin about u, tard ass

  2. pluffy1028 says:

    he doesn’t seem autistic to me… for me he’s just a spoiled brat, no offense.

  3. spazitude80 says:

    alot of guys can’t stand the way the child acts. LOL Kinda goes to show ya that they need to grow up themselves huh…

  4. DoctorKosher1978 says:

    God bless you both for having such a beautiful child – raising autistic children is challenging, but rewarding at the same time, as they are God’s most special children.

  5. magnus00125 says:

    lol im diagnosed autism.. :)

  6. mayor2692 says:

    as long as he smiles each day thats all you need…

  7. sharareeves says:

    @hottchoda well done u speak alot of sense , to this peice of crap , and basically uv just cussed him into next year :) ,. xx

  8. Jackykuzz says:

    I love Autistic Children,they arent retarded,they are just, different…They didnt choose to be this way,thats something you should know. I actully have a autistic little cousin, his really nice and funny.He asks me to tickle him, he laughs, we both play and talk random stuff together, he slaps me…. Even when he is making a fuss or anything, his mom tries to comfert him, and doesnt spoil him too much by offering a lot of nice things. my cousin goes to a school specially for autis children.

  9. Konnerdad says:

    I love the video , made me cry, sadly I was one of the 4, but trying to rectify that.

  10. evelyninmia says:

    I love the video, very beautiful and touching. god bless your son Hunter. my son is almost 3 and he was diagnosed with ASD AT 18 months. he still doesn’t speak. It is very overwhelming. I tried not to dwell on it but when i see other kids his age i cant help but feel sad. i love my son no matter what. he is so special to me , he is my world and i have faith that one day he will speak to me and say mommy i love you or mommy i want juice. I LOVE YOU ANGEL!

  11. aymara1 says:

    Hunter is such a beautiful boy!!

  12. SonidaMarks says:

    I like the name Hunter, Original names make me happy.

  13. hottchoda says:

    @aspie101 Agreed.

  14. aspie101 says:

    @hottchoda SilasHorrocks is a troll, he wants to get a reaction from people for his entertainment because he has nothing better to do.

  15. hottchoda says:

    @tattoochuck Thanks. I only regret though that had I only ignored him the first post, I could have spent my time being a little more useful at work. If you want to know what he is about, just google his name and you will see what kind of low-life he is. Alas, I only regret that you have replied to my post because it will give him a new person to annoy now. Thank you for leaving kind words. Only people like us truly understand the word autism. I wish you all of the best.

  16. tattoochuck says:

    @hottchoda well said…my son has autism and it angers me to see how many ignorant ppl there are ..im not sure what this person said but i can tell it struck that nerve in you that we both share………again well said

  17. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks From this point, every post that you leave will just be deleted from my box without even reading it. And as far as I see, it is also being removed this thread. As far as it goes, you only exist in name only. YOUR words are now only a waste of YOUR time. Now done.

  18. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks know the trials that we as parents go though. You do not know how precious our children are. You do not know how fortunate we are. Yes, we do have hard times most days, but through and through the good times DO outweigh the bad times. And as far as your mate is concerned. If he was any kind of father and he knew what you were saying about his child, you wouldn’t be mates. I pity you more than you know. You have no character, no heart, and no life. Quit wasting mine. Done.

  19. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks expetives and ignorance, rather than using pure logic and proper grammar. You also use alot of repetitive sentences throughout each comment that I have seen you leave. And with your social ineptness (only because you choose to be on a computer rather than going out and getting real friends), it only leads me to believe that YOU yourself are autistic as well. That only leads me to pity you.
    You are not an expert on the subject, neither should you suggest to be. You do not

  20. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks this will be my last post to you as your ignorance and intolerance is no longer worth my time. The only abomination around here is YOU as you sit at your computer and expressing the opinions of a inconsequential minority such as yourself. YOU are the only one in this world that agrees with YOURSELF. Nothing more sad than that. You do nothing to make this world better. You are a lower intellegence, not only in thought, but in word. Someone who can only express themselves in

  21. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks The inconvenient truth is you live in a fantasy world. You have been pushed aside by someone who has decided to give more care to someone who needs it. You are either bitter by this rejection, or you are austistic yourself who cannot accept who you are. Either way, you need help more than any parent of an autistic child. My child may not grow up to be a leader, but he has already shown more love in the last 4 years than you could ever show. Thats humanity you’ll never know.

  22. hottchoda says:

    Aww, either our thread can no longer go any further or poor Silas is just done competing and has blocked me. I am done with the idiot anyways. Just love your son. You son will always be your greatest accomplishment. Work for his well being and his happiness. I hope your lives get better.

  23. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks I guess it must be the same myth of the Jewish concentration camps and the genocide of millions still persists as well. Oh, and when did Daryl Hannah die? I would rather defend what you consider to be ‘freaks’ instead of defending the imbeciles and ignoramouses of the world like yourself. At least people with autism are honourable. No one shares your views. You are alone. You are insignificant, uneducated, and unloved. Seek help.

  24. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791
    Richard Strauss, 1864-1949
    Béla Bartók, 1881-1945
    W. B. Yeats
    George Orwell
    Keith Joseph
    Lewis Carroll
    Hans Christian Andersen

    And I can hardly say that Daryl Hannah was a freak. I may know a bit about Hitler from reading information on him, but you ultimately don’t know a damn thing about this disorder. Put it this way, if everyone had a freak like YOU, the human race would be f&*ked.

  25. hottchoda says:

    @SilasHorrocks If Adolf had all of the answers, he would have ended your family tree at your great grandfather. But seeing as how the smartest thing he could ever do for history was to commit suicide as the cross-dressing freak that he was (no offence to cross dressers everywhere) I guess he did have one brain cell that worked. But hey, here is a little tidbit, he did suffer from other mental disorders that bordered close to the spectrum, and HE WAS a mass murderer. GASP!

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