I tһουɡһt οtһеr parents сουƖԁ see wһаt ουr 25 month οƖԁ boy Luca ԁοеѕ wіtһ һіѕ Autism, wе tһουɡһt һе һаԁ Aspergers bυt јυѕt recently ɡοt tһе diagnosis tһаt іt’s plain Autism! Wе аrе ѕο proud οf һіm fοr knowing һіѕ Alphabet аחԁ Numbers. Hіѕ favorite toys аrе chalk аחԁ һіѕ Magna doodle. Sο I guess tһеу call іt Autism now wһеח a child actually “wаחtѕ″ tο learn :) Jυѕt ѕο everyone іח tһе world саח see…ƖіttƖе Luca іѕ awesome!!! AƖѕο ԁοеѕ anyone know anything аbουt yourbabycanread.com? Jυѕt curious іf іt works

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20 Responses to “LUCATISTIC 25 months Diagnosed with Autism”
  1. HisPrincessofLight says:

    oh my goodness he is incredibly intelligent!!! wow! You seem to be a wonderful mother to him!!

  2. chichicd says:

    what a beautiful child you have :)

  3. xptonix says:

    LOL…. a skate…good luck for the boy!

  4. brandedprincess says:

    Why was he diagnosed with autism (what were the signs that he had it?). From the video, he looks like a normal, happy , healthy boy that doesn’t have any problems.

  5. gigiontube says:

    Your boy is very cute and also very intelligent.
    On another post someone was saying “Mercury poisoning can be reversed with zeolite powder. Its alot easier to get out of this hell than you think.” You might want to investigate that. Also, a bath with 2c of Epsom salt [for 5 minutes only] will withdraw the heavy metal out of body. You don’t lose anything by trying it. Elsom salt is not damaging in any way in a 5 minutes bath.
    Many blessings to your family!

  6. ofsinope says:

    He is flapping like crazy! :)

  7. cherrymoya says:

    Wow, so similar to my little boy (diagnosed High Functioning Autistic / Aspergers at 2 years 2 months (March 2007)). Paediatrician says they won’t be able to diagnose the Aspergers bit until he is around 7 as it depends much on how his general intellect develops over time. However he has an astounding memory for music, and has been reading fluently since he was 2, yet he cannot feed himself or dress himself. He is ahead in some areas and very behind in others.

  8. billpedan says:

    I don’t know about “mastered” but he generally understands math through fifth grade math. He had no interest in play during the first four years of his life. We found it devistating rather than weird.

  9. tekmnd says:

    He does not scratch, pick at his fingers or anything like that. He is just behind on his communication for the amount of words he knows. Yesterday he got over his sliding fear, and was very proud of himself. Sometimes I am not worry about him at all and other times I am wondering. Thanks for your replies. I’ll keep you p[osted :)

  10. joleenlove says:

    Since so many kids r having these symptoms I believe the doctors r waiting till the children r a little older 2 make sure. The more kids that have it the more the world will panic lol. It sounds 2 me like your child has it. He does everything my son does except for stimming and flapping. Even if they don’t stim, it’s still possible. Does he scratch a lot or pick at his fingers (just examples) I would have him reevaluated b4 he starts kindergarten regardless.

  11. tekmnd says:

    If I ask him a simple question he would not unswer me. It is even hard to get him to say “yes” or “no”. I wonder if he is a very mild case of Asperger. He has a developmental specialist + he goes for speach therapy. The ST thinks he will get of it but I am wondering if that will happen. Maybe I am just worry to much. He is my only son so I have nothing to compair him to. Thanks for shering your story. I see simularity yet my son does not flap or do any stimming movments.

  12. tekmnd says:

    He sees all the kids riding cars, he will watch them but would not particapate himself. He has fear of going down slids and he is also very weird about food. Would not touch any fruits, veggies, pasta, avocado.

  13. tekmnd says:

    He dosen’t flap his hands much only occetionally when he gets upset. He was tested at UCSD autism center a little before he was 2 y/o and was not found to be in the spectrum. However, as a mother I cannot stop worrying about him. He is a bit diffrent then most “normal” kids I am seeing out there. A bit excentric (sorry for spelling) Something about him is diffrent and yet he is very social but sometimes in a weird way.

  14. tekmnd says:

    My kid is 2.3 month. Very smart when it comes to numbers (can count till 20 and 30 min two languages), letters (he is fluent on his abc’s since 23 month old), Pazzels, and all shaps. He was late talker. Now he know thousands of words in 2 languages + we have tought him sign language as well. He uses words mostly to lable things but not very much in a social manner.

  15. joleenlove says:

    I didn’t know much about autism until Luca came along. The doctors told us and recommended 1st steps. He is already in Occupational and Speech Therapy plus he started the “hand flapping” at only 2 months of age. So this has been a concern for us parents for 2 years.

  16. tekmnd says:

    What makes you think he has Asperger???
    I thought you cannot be sure untill ,the child is at list 3 years old. He might just be delayed on he social skills but he is still pretty young.

  17. joleenlove says:

    Wow thank you for the info! Now I know what to get him for Christmas!! It’s weird but awesome that he would enjoy a math program other than a regular child’s toy =) So how old was your son when he mastered the Math Series?

  18. billpedan says:

    Also, have you tried to teach Luca finger math? (using fingers to show how to add 1, 2, 3, etc.). Once my son figured out that, we started on the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics K-6 series. His ability to read has allowed him to zoom through this series. Don’t listen to the experts as to what the limits of learning can be. Your son seems very smart and likely can finish through grade 4 math before he turns age 5.

  19. billpedan says:

    Have you tried teaching him to read via phonics? Your son seems very intelligent and once he figures out the pattter of reading (1) letters have particular sound. (2) words are made up of syllable that sound like the letters run together. and (3) words sound like the syllables run together, he should be able to read anything put before him.

  20. bigbootychick32 says:

    smart child

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