tһе producer οf Loose Change, Korey Rowe, аחԁ Luke Rudkowski οf Wе Arе Change. Wіtһ mounting evidence οf a link between vaccines аחԁ autism, many parents аrе becoming educated аbουt tһе dangers, wһісһ іѕ wһу governments аחԁ bіɡ pharma һаνе resolved tο launch PR campaigns іח a desperate attempt tο offset cynicism.

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25 Responses to “Luke Rudkowski & Korey Rowe on Alex Jones Tv:”Vaccine Links to Autism” p1”
  1. morgasm4000 says:

    HAHA WERE THE GOVERNMENT WE LOVE YOU! that had me crackin up. Keep up the good work..spread 9/11 truth

  2. KnastPlanet says:


  3. dtdloixnabalu says:


  4. NemeSisLFay says:

    XD haha

  5. Chronikboy says:

    you don’t need theses guys what you need is Immortal Thecnique !!!

  6. FckTheIlluminati09 says:

    Views: 4,144

  7. Rahszagal says:

    lets chat

    lets meetup! P5

  8. Krazy0n3 says:


  9. dproulx30 says:


  10. Aurinkohirvi says:


  11. TheSearchForTheLight says:


  12. hardmod777 says:

    “narrow minded punk.” your comments communicates plenty…Revert to name calling when you have no defense. THank you for proving my point.

  13. wickawickawatts says:


  14. dwranson says:


  15. rastafarley says:

    krs one is a wonderful poet,he has always questioned authority…and yes align the truth movement with anyone who will make more people listen…just because you dont care for rap music, doesnt mean they wont connect and make more people aware…and thats the point, not to entertain some narrow-minded punk like yourself

  16. NemeSisLFay says:


  17. DestroyerOfLies says:

    When the ppl stand up, the government will bow down. congressional switchboard.(866-340-9281) call and talk to your rep. sen. tell them to get there shit strait, tell your friends to call call every hour on the hour. I have. Tell them you’ll vote them out on there ass. they work for you.peace.

  18. thedemoboy says:

    2734…. youtube – WE’re watching YOU.

  19. sirenlyfox says:


  20. mariacide says:

    vaccine-autism i wanted more info for my kids have signs

    the ARMY gave me undisclosed shots back in the 80′s
    i couldn’t REFUSE these shots!
    They put us in a straight line -very close, and walked us into a dark hanger-
    as we got close to the door- they grab me, pulled me in, said- dont move- injected something in my shoulder with no needle, no warning! it’s done before i knew it. i squirmed and it cut a tiny line across my arm.

    Thanks for geting the truth out.
    God BLESS you guys! Keep it up!

  21. jpeds1 says:

    Has anyone tried clicking on the ron paul war room link on infowars lately. Who edits that?

  22. Flyingrican2 says:


  23. TheStrossus says:

    1,730 view count, 3 hours later…

  24. JackNeedles says:


  25. Gorillas08 says:

    1,730 view count …. Obama is a Communist! NWO is here… Martial Law in Arkansas on every news channel (I only have 450 channels)… War about to begin with Russia and all’s well!!! hahahahahaha

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