A film considering Jan Greenmans book аbουt һеr life wіtһ һеr son Luke wһο suffers frοm aspergers syndome

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11 Responses to “Lukes Life With Labels”
  1. candlegirl1000 says:

    This vidio is amazing. It gives out a strong message. I am lukes girlfriend and i have to say i am so proud of him. He means everything to me and i couldnt imagen not having him. He is a lovely person to be around and you can learn so much from him. I love him and his family so much. I think everyone should read jan’s book. Its an amazing read. Jan i respect you so much for everything you have done n well done luke, im so proud of you and will always be here for you. i love you no matter what! x

  2. glorft55 says:

    to msshirty gerty That is a powerful message.Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Luke says Hi and is very pleased if he has been of help. Did you see that Polly Tommey met the prime minister last thursday – something has to be done for our children. It’s a disgrace that so many families are struggling like this and Luke and I are working hard to get the message out there. God Bless Jan x

  3. msshirtygerty says:

    You’ve given me hope…Prehaps we won’t drown….I’m still battling for help but seem to be going around in huge soul destroying circles…About to go on your web site to find out about your book…Thanks to you all, especially Luke for sharing with us…XXXXXXXX

  4. chino210691 says:

    This is so lovely to watch guys.
    Well done all of you :)
    And you luke, are looking good!

  5. jangreenman says:

    please feel free to comment – all feedback is very helpful, both to us and the filmmaker Cam Hanson
    Thanks Jan Greenman

  6. lynehamwoodnymph says:

    This video is a testament to the hard work Jan, Luke and the whole family have put in to get the right help for Luke. Well done all of you, and let this be an inspiration to others.

  7. my4princes says:

    Jan, You are an inspiration to me and I hope that Luke continues to be a roll model to kids with Aspergers. Life at the Edge was the best book I ever read. It was so great to know that my family wasn’t the only crazy family in the world and made me feel a little less isolated. Congratulations for raising so much awareness!
    Love Renee Notman and Family xo

  8. skydiversteph says:

    Jan, you will give strength and hope with your story of your family’s courageous journey to families with much younger autistic children, who sometimes feel alone and desperate.
    Obviously no accident that Luke has grown into the inspiring, young man we see in this film.

  9. PhilDHHayes says:

    An inspiring story, one that shows the true value of family.

  10. jangreenman says:

    This is my boy and I am so proud of him. How far we have come from the days I wrote about in my book. To any parent looking at this film who has an autistic child like the one I have written about I want to say, there is hope and Luke is living proof of it.

  11. abbig123 says:

    i think the girl (abbi) is really hot ;)

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