Rizvan Khan, a Muslim man frοm India, moves tο San Francisco аחԁ lives wіtһ һіѕ brother аחԁ sister-іח-law. Rizvan, wһο һаѕ Aspergers, falls іח Ɩονе wіtһ Mandira. Despite protests frοm һіѕ family tһеу ɡеt married аחԁ ѕtаrt a small business together. Tһеу аrе һарру until September 11, 2001 wһеח attitudes towards Muslims undergo a sea-change. Wһеח tragedy strikes, Mandira іѕ devastated аחԁ tһеу split. Rizvan іѕ confused аחԁ very upset tһаt tһе Ɩονе οf һіѕ life һаѕ left һіm. Tο win һеr back, һе embarks οח a touching аחԁ inspiring journey асrοѕѕ America. ‘Mу Name іѕ Khan’ іѕ tһе triumphant ѕtοrу οf аח unconventional hero overcoming obstacles tο regain tһе Ɩονе οf һіѕ life.

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25 Responses to “Making of “Tere Naina” – My Name is Khan”
  1. romsirox says:

    What shahrukh khan has contributed 4 islam by doing dis film evn a learned scholar who imparts knowledge abt islam is incomparable coz he’s spread awareness worldwide which evn Hindus can understand n agree wid.. 1st my mother told me dis i din agree as she was comparing an actor wid learned scholars but later i realised its true!! He’s done it on a completely different level n wid gr8 guts.. Thanx to Karan Johar too who made it so beautiful.. He indeed is a gr8 frnd of Srk!! Great Team Work :-D

  2. MrHamad49 says:

    great movies

  3. chargersfan6194eva says:


  4. iluvgold7 says:

    it was a really good movie!

  5. iamlmoney says:

    If all america were to watch this, they will know what muslims go through after 9/11
    were citizens as well
    This Movie will change who ever watchs this opinion about muslims

  6. fahadmuneeb says:

    fiirst i love my God , and i know how to respect other religions ,

    2nd Yes guys i love this movie ….., like every one :-)

    i just wana cleare some things , Sharukh kan is a Muslim, And guys you cant believe on it but its true , every indian best big actor hero IS MUSLIM , and some of them belong to Pakistan , like Salmaan Khan, and every one knows all pakistani good big singers like (Rahat fateh ali)(Aatif Aslam)(ali Zafar)(amanat Ali & other lootof pakistani singers sings 4 india

  7. sauidkhi says:

    my name is khan & i m NOT terorist

  8. thekalli123 says:

    very very very excellent movie of the year.blockbuster movie.good yaar shahrukhh and kajol and karan johar good yaara

  9. koek1122 says:

    Hhaha We laughed in the cinema, with the Pumpkin thing :P

  10. baaboy83 says:

    KAJOL is the GODESS of acting ..

  11. reewnat75 says:

    Kay Jo has lost it… truly KANK sucked balls and this ones so yelling I AM Cool but i wanna reamin rich :) hate you Karan.. wasted my time.. lifes beyond special people and 9/11 truly is another frame of thisn world.. good effort for laming ur special person Khan furthermore.. contact Sanjay Leela.. u could so have escaped 9/11.. i feel for special ppl truly too… i kindda cried when Kajol said yes…

  12. crashertime says:

    i’m very upset cos there are some romantic scenes that didnt appear in cinema of my country.

  13. musif2008 says:

    it’s awesome to see such movie.shahrukh is wonderful

  14. babiiefaint says:

    go up to your URL bar, put a Q between the words you and tube and then press enter or click go”

  15. coke20256 says:


  16. za09az90 says:

    Shah Rukh Khan is actor number one in the world

  17. abcdefgmusic1 says:

    Shahrukh is amazing. Talent is just natural for him! Kajol was great too! This was an amazing movie, I walked out practically in tears, but it was awesome. Glad to see them together again!

  18. prashanthknl says:

    u smell Indian Slum Dog’s Asshole where are you from I can send you a few slum dogs to your place to smell their Assholes U “ASSHOLE”

  19. Fredd00007 says:

    @rocksronaldo shut up u ass!

  20. rocksronaldo says:

    fuckface smelly indian slumdog mofo assholes

  21. sabbirsa says:

    @parakala1 well minority opinions can be ignored safely.

  22. sabbirsa says:

    @mhdshajil2 Yeah some people just don ‘t have the brain capacity to understand a subject like this. I get you yaar.

  23. sabbirsa says:

    @ayanbasu2008 Yeah some people don’t have that much of brain capacity to understand the movie. I get you.

  24. chuhanGI says:

    No hesitation to say that Sir Shah Rukh Khan and the Beautiful Queenkajol has converted film into The Biggest LEGEND in world history of movies with their devotions including each and every thing from themselves .Nothing left make the movie THE BIG ONE .Sir Khan is not only an actor but great HUMANE BEING that is why the world loves him and Kajo .She is LOYAYL to her character .Besides this , is married but produced a lot of abilities as Sir Khan to make it prominent .

  25. z4hier says:

    wow the movie is great and amazing even if i dont understand hindi well . but i loveed it and i hope it will be trnslated into arabic and english and many languages, coz the moviem means alot
    zaher /yemen

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