frοm birth tο present…….a world worth exploring

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22 Responses to “Marley and Autism a 5 year Journey”
  1. 15tennisstar says:

    Great video and luv the song too.
    Very cute boy!

  2. Hasssurf6 says:

    it is almost like i know this kid now

  3. TheComputerCriminal says:

    haha what a legend that lil lad is, love the fro XD.

  4. gamiezion says:

    this is such a beautifull vid and so true in my opinion, i myself am autistic and i love my own little world, i still interact with people my age and talk about normal stuff.
    but mostly i just see the world as i want to, i could get never get bored with it, as theres so much to learn and discover, i really hope your son will grow up to see the world much as i do, hell love it and i think you as parents will see it through him

  5. manningteach says:

    Marley is beautiful. Keep up the good work .

  6. MyAutismRecovery says:

    Keep it up!

  7. cdcgold1 says:

    whats the name of this song?

  8. MomtoJessie says:

    I enjoyed watching:) is this song playing a ‘real song’ what’s the name- who sings it? great pictures, thanks for sharing

  9. capricornfairy says:

    Great video! I found it really sad to see the small boy with so much life in his expressions. He was happy and curious with bright eyes in the first part of the video. You can slowly see the change from happy interested little boy, to dazed, expressionless, hollow eyes. It frustrates me to no end… I have a 6 year old and 5 year old, both with Autism. These kids are the sweetest, most innocent kids out there and we need to pull them out and back into our world!

  10. kattoo13 says:

    your son is adorable and i love that song “mad world”. my son is having his autism spectrum testing done next month.

  11. KrisMayeaux says:

    He’s a beautiful boy. I’d never have guessed he had autism. Merry Christmas
    With God all things are possible if you can believe…words of Jesus

  12. jhtrico1850 says:


  13. ritudhiraj says:

    good effort

  14. backtothegarden23 says:

    oh my gosh, he is just gorgeous. he just kept getting cuter!! what a great person to be named after (i am assuming)! and that hair! the song although beautiful was sad. it would have been nice to have one of Bob’s songs about love or peace to hear while seeing the face of a little angel like your son. thank you!

  15. N0STALJl says:

    Such a lovely face,thank you for sharing your wonderful little boys video..

  16. lovessall says:

    That was so beautiful – brought a tear to my eye. Very familiar as I have a 9 yr old beautiful ‘awe-tistic’ son, too. God bless you all.

  17. onearmedpilot says:

    what a touching video…thank you for sharing your beautiful son…

  18. dv8tions17 says:

    I forget about all the copyright issues, should have contacted you before hand, was going to create one myself, after three hours I gave up, and tried to google an image, yours was one I liked very much. Thank you for your approval, I’m just a mom trying to make something that my son might have a chance to see and understand in the future, as well as spreading the need for awareness and compassion…Thank you again

  19. autismdiva says:

    Hey! I love the video. Your son is gorgeous. i was going to complain about the puzzle ribbon, because i don’t like it, then I saw you also used my Autism Awareness ribbon (it’s perfectly fine for anyone to use that way) and I said, Wow!!! Cool!!

  20. amammaof2 says:

    What a beautiful and haunting video. Thanks for sharing Marleys world.

  21. gr8bounty says:

    My Joy, My Heart, My Grandson! You are blessed to have parents who believe in you! Love Nanna

  22. aware4autism says:

    what a beautiful boy, and so lucky to have such loving parents.

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