Aspergers syndrome саח mаkе meetings very difficult. Sometimes things ѕаіԁ аrе misinterperated, tһе crowds tһаt gather аt tһеm аrе аƖƖ tοο much. Or simply tһе noises аrе tοο loud аחԁ саח cause panic attacks οr melt downs.

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16 Responses to “Meetings and Double standards when it comes to Aspergers”
  1. Liquadia says:

    I am adding you AspergianStar2009 as I would like to ask you some things as this is all new to me and you seem a tidy person to talk to.

  2. Liquadia says:

    have you aspergers? i done an online test and the diagnoses was ISTJ so i went to the doctors and said I had to speak to someone who is part of the Surgery who deals with aspergers and ten we go from there. bottom line is i allways had depression and recently was told by a friends friend who works in a school i may have certain traits and when i done the TEST ISTJ summary was spot on. so i now know i was never depressed i believe just the wrong daignosis.

  3. elephantchang51 says:

    Selimaazouri,who the fuck are you to decide who needs telling off?Seems you are the dumbass.

  4. elephantchang51 says:

    Who the fuck are you to tell off anyone?

  5. selimaazouri says:

    ppl w/ aspergers r annoying as hell and what’s worse is that they can’t even comprehend it when you tell off their dumb asses

  6. MouldyProductions says:

    if you have a learning disability you will a have a helper to exsplain stuff to you …if you have AS you get bugger all! lol xD true

  7. magmatic123 says:

    i am learning to look people in the eye but people dont understand that doesnot come easy to me .i find that if i slow down and just be in that moment im good

  8. Bighairyfart says:

    i lack motivation due to diminished expectations

  9. Bighairyfart says:

    i disagree in some senses, i have as and am very lazy yet i also get extremely nervousabout whats expected

  10. dinglegonzo says:

    I often make intense eye contact, my mother told me “look people in the eye!”. I of course took her literally, now I am a psycho either way.

  11. DavinCreed says:

    I understand the idea that we are viewed as “thick” to other people.I am now married and even though she is understanding, there are still difficulties with dealing with things.
    I am a programmer so I completely understand th “call us when you need us” statement because in my previous work I had been bugged when nothing had changed and think that only things that change need to be brought up.On time and on status do not need constant status updates,only when I cannot meet the DL is it necessary.

  12. DavinCreed says:

    I had the same problems, I cannot understand why eye contact is important but I have learned to count out the seconds needed for good eye contact. About five to ten seconds is usually enough without “glaring.”
    I also find it more socially acceptable to never bring up I have AS because of all the misconceptions about it. I did eventually get married to a very understanding woman (she worked with mentally disabled people), but I cannot shake the idea that she feels sorry for me.

  13. CactusRose33 says:

    Totally agree. Thanks for all the videos.

  14. CactusRose33 says:

    Yeah, I met a guy I liked, but I couldn’t hold eye contact, he probably thought I wasn’t interested. Heck, I am so bad at reading signals that he may have been giving me signals that he is married or involved or not interested and I would never know, even after reading many books on non-verbal communication. I probably was giving mixed signals myself and not even know it. So I go home overwhelmed and try to make sense of it all….ahhhh.

  15. Chocomoca1 says:

    If you’re AS you get bugger what? yes you’re right. they say you look normal, that TICKS me off. we need help just as anyone with any disability has. I liked the topics you talked about in this video, it is very true. nice glasses :) I have so many duped stories lol about working on the job and how I took instructions literally and messed up the job :( and got yelled at.

  16. Chocomoca1 says:

    hi, did your gf have the baby yet?

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