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15 Responses to “Meltdowns/Shutdowns”
  1. cbrnate says:

    @crystal0angel one example of how you’re wrong would be photosynthesis. and it’s just a figure of speech anyways

  2. petchharrison says:

    i think its due to the hands being the first point of contacked.if you look at small children the tend to touch your hands or put your hand on there middle.i work with young children and i know 2 kidz that are aspies.funny i dont have any social fear i say hello someone gets rude i have a meltdown and say dont be foxtrotting rude i will get mad and you wont like it…jeff

  3. gregsandyas2006 says:

    @petchharrison, I don’t like holding hands when I pray. Praying is fine with me, but don’t hold hands, what is the point of holding hands during prayer? Does God hear people better if people hold hands during prayer? I don’t think so, so I’m not sure why people do this thing. I guess it makes them feel good.

  4. gregsandyas2006 says:

    shutdowns —- you can add to your list “or in college in an MBA program”. Oh, had I known a year ago and I did not enjoy my MBA classes now – I would have listened to one of my best friends – and listen to him. This MBA is boring!

  5. petchharrison says:

    i call these shutdowns power cuts, i get meldowns now and then and get into trouble now and again. i am sensetive to noise, sun light, smell. i dont like being touched…..sometimes i stare but i dont know how long ive been doing it..jeff 48y

  6. milascave says:

    For me shutdown happen when I am so overwhelmed I lose touch with my body, I usual cry when I come out of them whears with meldowns I just start crying immeadiatly. I shut down when it just seems like anything I say or do will be wrong,t here are no right actions, so I just go away for a short time. I find them frightening.

  7. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I have AS and have litteraly fainted or had a seziure from too much stress.

  8. crystal0angel says:

    only robots re energize

  9. crystal0angel says:

    Shutting down works to get rid of stress

  10. LaBellaa1984 says:

    My braind does too, I have trouble with normal thing because my brain uses all the energy to other things.. it’s not cool

  11. crystal0angel says:

    i have temper tantrums i think my mom would love me to have a shutdown so I wont yell and scream and cry and stuff shutdowns are a better way to calm down!!

  12. happenherehow says:

    thanks, the video really helped :)

  13. RobingdfelowsLady says:

    My Papaw used to sing that song :) .

  14. lucybean975 says:

    i think it’s fun.

  15. dalektaliban says:

    i,ve seen weirder stuff

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