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9 Responses to “Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda”
  1. efectomariposa93 says:

    @WulfBand Great… Now I am arguing with a retarded gay nigger who obviously flunked his high school grammar tests. MY FRIEND listened to ASSHOLES LIKE YOU, that is why he died, I told you he didn’t take any meds, he believed that crap you go around spewing.
    So you refused taking meds since 88, but “recently discovered” it was just a hoax, even though you where tested positive back then? Are you for real? And those poor thousands you got infected and killed.. You are a danger to society buddy.

  2. WulfBand says:

    @efectomariposa93 Your even dumber than your comment. Next you’ll want to tell me there is no Mercury in the vaccines. GO FUCK YOURSELF Your friend died from the toxic meds. It’s a proven FACT there is NO AIDS VIRUS. Research Gary Null to start with then pull your head out of your ass, by the way, how are those new knee pads working out on the new job ? Gotta suck being you, smoking all those dicks all day long.

  3. WulfBand says:

    @efectomariposa93 OK, Moron, your friend never died from AIDs because it is a clinical FACT that the virus does NOT exist. He died from taking toxic meds idiot. I can personally testify to this because I tested positive for HIV in 88. I’ve never taken any meds for it and I personally know thousands of people who died because they took the meds. Next you’ll try to tell me that there’s no Mercury in the vaccines. GO FUCK YOURSELF

  4. CarolAnnTalks4U says:

    MMMmmm…Give me some shots, I dont want any more kids…

  5. efectomariposa93 says:

    @WulfBand So you dicovered that….

    Well, it is idiots like you that convinced my friend to not take medicine and he died because he developed aids and it went really quick too. So please, before spreading disinformation that is killing people you can go and make a double check or maybe a reality check you fkng looser.

  6. WulfBand says:

    We are long past due the time to form De Jure Grand Jury’s & start prosecuting everyone involved in this cover up & shut down these companies that are co-conspirators to these atrocities being committed against humanity.
    Recently I discovered that fraud goes deeper & that there is NO HIV/AIDS virus & it doesn’t exist. It is the toxic chemo drugs people are being given that are killing people. More cover up by big pharmacy & the CDC.

  7. SonOfMan001 says:

    We need to enlist the hacker community at large to start spreading FederalJacks content. Splashing these video’s onto more websites and sending them viral. I happen to know that many of them can do far more than denial of service attacks on paypal.

  8. DjCapnWolf says:

    Infinite thanks for posting this.
    Now it’s up to us to make this info go viral (pun intended).

  9. monimuette says:

    Your channel is awesome!!! Thank-you for the great uploads.

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