Tһіѕ іѕ Michael frοm аbουt 2 months tο 12 months. Michael wаѕ dx wіtһ autism аt 2.5 years οƖԁ. Notice Michael іѕ paying attention tο һіѕ mother, smiling, laughing, mаkіחɡ sounds- seemed typical. Tһе οחƖу red flags аrе tһе blotches οח һіѕ face & dry skin.

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25 Responses to “Michael under 1 year old- Autism & Chelation”
  1. olgapanos says:

    He is such a beautiful baby !!!! Lovely!!!!. I saw all of his stages but now im at the beginning of all. This kid is placed in my hart. Its unbelivable but he has the exactly same eyes mith my 2,5 old son who’s been diagnosed with PPD NOS. I saw Michaels amazing progress and he is an inspiration to me. I wish you the best!!!!!

  2. chrissylynn22 says:

    No way is he autistic

  3. rodogrun says:

    I just want to know how you did not squeeze the puddin out of him before he was one! what a DOLL! :)

  4. thecritic30 says:

    He is one of those poor children who lost thier sparkle. He is adorable. God Bless you both

  5. Oxleybear says:

    Hi my name is Jessica I have a cousin who is one year old and we are concerned that he may have autism can I ask you some questions if you don’t mind? please let me know. Sincerely, Jess.

  6. jhcmjro says:

    You mentioned that the only red flags you noticed were the red blotches on his face as well as dry skin… is this always an indicator of autism, or a sign of allergy that could possibly be related to autism if diagnosed later? My 8 month old has red cheeks some times, what looks like eczema spots on his body & He also has bad gas issues lately too and I am a little paranoid about autism because of the autoimmune link…

  7. thrillcats says:

    Youtube won’t let me put my email here- i tried 3 times. I send a message – check your inbox

  8. sansu13 says:

    can i hav ur add pls?

  9. thrillcats says:

    i keep trying to comment and having problems. please email me-

  10. sansu13 says:

    she cant stack blocks coz of poor hand eye coordination, cannot jump yet and she cannot stay long in a playground. she loves watching the kids but dont want to join a group.

  11. sansu13 says:

    she can say mama when she is only in distress. then she says hi to me whenever i dont give her attention. she is having a hard time combining words. sometimes i just think maybe because of a bilingual environment but studies say its not a factor in speech delay.

  12. sansu13 says:

    thanks for the information. my daughter is 2 yrs and 2 months. she is quite good with labeling things but cant combine words yet. she says “down” when she wants to go down and tump. she got some handflapping when excited, walk on tiptoes sometimes. eye contact when she wants to but most of the time, she doesnt look me in the eye if i call her. she responds to “come here alexandra” sometimes. she grinds her teeth most of the time too.

  13. thrillcats says:

    Look at the video of Michael when he was 4– Stimming off toys, not saying Mommy, not looking at his father, couldn’t care less, etc.

  14. thrillcats says:

    I worked with ASD kids, but didn’t know my own son had it for sure until I started filling out the forms. An online test (i think it was on ARI’s website) helped me too.

    I think autism, ADHD and speech delays all stem from the same things- BEING TOXIC. So, even if it’s JUST a speech delay- you still have to go thru the process of trying to recovery her. What other signs does your daughter have, if any?

  15. thrillcats says:

    My son’s behaviors and autism like ways didn’t really start until after he was two. A lot of the bad stuff I don’t have video of. But, autism is more than a speech delay. It’s poop problems, allergies, not sleeping, being obsessed with items (like fans, pinwheels, cars, trains, videos, etc.), etc. My son ate certain foods and then they made him gag.

    But, every child with autism is SOOOOO different. I waited 6 months to dx my kid because he didn’t look like the other ASD kids I knew.

  16. sansu13 says:

    i saw his video when he was two..he was trying to say words. and he was looking at his dad when theyre in the tub. maybe its just a speech delay..i dont know. i got a 2 yr old daughter too that im suspecting that she might be autistic cos of her speech delay but doctors dont want to label her.wish i can talk to u someday or chat with u maybe.

  17. thrillcats says:

    That is my point. He wasn’t born with autism. He went downwards after 12 months old.

  18. sansu13 says:

    is michael really autistic? he is responding to you and babblingat a young age.

  19. thrillcats says:

    Thanks. I lucked out. I’m a professional videographer & editor. I didn’t even take THAT much video of him. But, I was lucky to get some key “autism” moments as to show is progress.

  20. limevelyn says:

    Oh my goodness…he is really adorable. Wish I had recorded videos of my two girls when they were young.

  21. aubsandleo12345 says:

    aww hes so sweet

  22. faerysexy says:

    how sweet! this makes me want another baby. lol he’s beautiful!

  23. ShatteredSin666 says:

    He’s adoriable

  24. ratlenhum says:

    Michael was so adorable as a baby!!

  25. drlnggina says:

    gorgeous baby boy (and I’m picky!)

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