FDA approval doesn’t matter much.

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25 Responses to “Money, Drugs, and the FDA”
  1. BinAlladin says:

    FDA is olso taking over the Swedish medical system. I know that Swedish doctors only recomend medical approved by FDA. We have to take action now!!

  2. AuRatio says:

    What I am surprised about is that people are surprised by this.

  3. Charles459 says:

    The FDA is a Hazzard to Americas Health

  4. elenacerasela says:

    ??? president Bush keeps us safe all right, we will be soo poor that nobody would want anything from us, so we’ll be safe…I don’t get the post…

  5. elenacerasela says:

    Amen!!! Drugs have their use in certain circumstances. But educating and giving an opportunity to people to take a good care of themselves would be the solution to bankrupt the FDA charade…

  6. prokkets says:

    Wow this is antisemite terrorist propaganda.We need 2fight the iranins in iran so we dont have 2fight them here.Ulibs need 2b detained untl ucan prove u r not a terorist.If any iraqi tries 2take myFREEDOM I will blowup his cave cmd centr.IranNchina hve been stckpling WMDs2 use aginst us an our Israeli friends in th form of a mushroom cloud in th global wr n terror.When the market crash+bio/nuke battle comes we need world govt.+world bank+hive mind+every1 get microchip so prs bush cn keep us safe

  7. firestartr319 says:

    It would be better if they sold sugar pills for $100 each, but hey wont, because they want you to get more sick, and buy more drugs.

  8. MOLLYHATCHET00 says:



  9. GunsNRosesbitches says:

    Uh you think FDA wants people to get healthy? If people became healthy, they wouldn’t need to take medicine, which in turns affects the profits of pharmaceutical companies. The big pharma companies only care about profits…if cancer found a cure, cancer industry would be out of business.

  10. kkhwalogana says:

    Visit (ww.donald.freelife.kom) and order the juice for a long lasting health.This information is TRUE.

  11. CANZEENSO says:

    The definition of this word pharmaceutical is


    the art, practices or spells of a person who is supposed to exercise supernatural powers through the aid of evil spirits; black magic; witchery. Use of supernatural power over others through the assistance of spirits; witchcraft.

  12. jordanvlnc says:

    Thanks for your video. It was very informing.

  13. anxietymenace says:

    If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety or depression, please visit anxietymenace . com

  14. Paul84674 says:

    this video made me think more about doctors prescriptions for sure

  15. godzghoti says:

    Very good post about critical thinking. Definitely something important to keep in mind when being prescribed a medication. Especially important to look into that sort of thing if your giving a certain medication to a child. You mentioned at the beginning about a YouTube video on the treatments for autism. Do you think you could send me a link to that video?

  16. christschool says:

    One bit of warning about risperdal, which you may be aware of, it can cause permanent facial tics.

  17. atwhite57 says:

    Thats a good summary. Weight gain can be a major problem. In our son it improved sleep and overall mood as well.

  18. lordalfredhenry says:

    I looked up the NIMH clinical study. I’ve found two studies and also looked at the scales used like the “real life” scale. It appears Risperidone does reduce stereotypical behaviors/reaction to stimuli etc, it does not improve language, communication and caused a significant increase in weight. (6lbs over 8 weeks, which is significant)

  19. atwhite57 says:

    Yes, are you treating yourself or your child? Better examples with ADD, I believe. Also, more worrisome is the elderly population, are they better on meds, or just easier to care for?

  20. atwhite57 says:

    Right, drug therapy is highly individualized. Everyone reacts differently, some get worse. Study – 80% of autistic individuals are on a psychotropic drug.

  21. christschool says:

    I’m not trying to be insensitive when I say this but sometimes a disability’s severity is determined by the parent’s view of how it inconveniences their lives.

  22. christschool says:

    Risperdal is generally not for kids that have Asperger’s and you can’t move a Kanner to an Asperger simply with Risperdal. You seem fairly well educated so of course you know much more about the situation than I do, but that’s my 2 cents.

  23. atwhite57 says:

    Great question. Thankfully, respected leaders in medicine and science are speaking out. We personally can vote, contact our legislators, and make it an issue. The Vioxx meltdown brought the issue under public scrutiny.

  24. atwhite57 says:

    We need an FDA, it just needs reform. In terms of my son, we agreed with risperdal because of 1) clinical trials in autism 2) recommendation of a specialist 3) trust in our doctor. We considered the risks carefully.

  25. atwhite57 says:

    Yes, you can cite me. Thanks.

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