A movie аbουt two adults wіtһ Asperger Syndrome. Tһіѕ movie wіƖƖ bе available οח DVD December 12th, 2006.

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25 Responses to “Mozart & the Whale”
  1. Buffheart says:


    I would have loved to have played one of the girls with AS, as I am a girl with AS. I agree though, sometimes Hollywood directors really don’t seem to know what to do with the characters, so they make them seem nuts. Then again, I have never come in contact with anyone else that has AS, so maybe some of it is true.

  2. r0inconnu says:

    beautiful movie, really, simple and emotive. just real.

  3. pesematology says:

    @SumireIsrafel I watched the whole thing. It’s really horrible. It’s like Natalie Portman’s character from Garden State giving a very confused PSA about Aspergers while on acid.

  4. sephirothserver says:

    @jdofdoom, just be yourself. :)

  5. writerfreak34 says:

    The Book is better more detailed. But the movie is good too

  6. kaiserwilhelm says:

    @jdofdoom You have to believe in yourself and not give up. Lots of people like weird people…

  7. championvideos says:

    @jdofdoom Its a really good movie i just watched it yesterday

  8. ALECSF15 says:

    @lewec :D

  9. kirk14830 says:

    AS is high functioning autism. i know i have it

  10. kirk14830 says:

    Most of my friends have AS including my ex girlfriend that is now my best friend (similar to the movie’s plot in what we are going or have gone through). We are planning to watch it together in hopes it might help us understand ourselves better

  11. Zimmie63 says:

    I have a son with aspergers..wouldnt it be nice if they actually used people with AS to play the parts. It could be done-but I dont think anyone would want to try. The movie tries to “explain” too much without realizing you cant pigeon hole Aspergers into such a tight explanation. Did they really try? Or did they just attempt to turn a profit ..I dont know what my son thought_he couldnt sit long enough to watch the movie..

  12. KRISTINE4OO says:

    I have not yet seen this movie, but my little brother has AS and I think it can show me what he’ll be like. They probably won’t hit it on the nail because people who have autistic friends or family know what it’s like to live with one. It is Hollywood so it will either be dramatic or dull.

  13. Magnolia296 says:

    Very emotional and deep movie with brilliant acting. Josh Hartnett, Radha Mitchell and many others did a great job.

  14. Amy2838 says:

    Okay, I went to netflix and watched the movie online. It was okay, but I thought they missed the mark for portraying true asperger syndrome. I agree with another poster who said the characters seemed more like high funcitoning autistics. (The only characters who were supposed to have aspergers were the main two characters…the others in the group were said to be autistic.) But even that wasn’t really “right” either. They tried, but just didn’t get it right. Oh, well. At least they tried.

  15. aonewomancrowd says:


    eh,, actually it’s a group of people having the syndrome.

  16. Amy2838 says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, just the trailer. Are all these people supposed to have AS, or just the main 2 characters? Because the other people in the trailer seemed a little high-strung and…er…mentally challenged a little. (Can I say that? I don’t mean it to be offensive.) Especially that big woman with the scruffy hair. I would never go on and on like that about a completely random subject unless it came up in conversation. Especially to someone I’d never met before.

  17. tauntonlake says:

    My only real complaint abou the writing in this movie, are the lines where they prattle on aloud at the group meetings, about their symptoms of Aspergers. For no reason. The other members of the group already know the symptoms, I’m sure, so it’s obviously meant for the uninformed in the movie audience. Which comes across as kind of distracting .. awkward and strange. Nobody really talks like that in everyday conversation.

    I prefer the more natural conversations movie better.

  18. GuacamoleKun says:

    Maybe because he irritates the shit out of everyone.

  19. jdofdoom says:

    i really need to see this movie. When I found out I had asperger’s syndrome, I felt useless and my confidence dropped

    I do have social problems, have wierd obsesions and repetitive routines. I just need to know how people cope with AS

  20. PanayotiProductions says:

    this movie isnt about aspergers, its about High Functioning Autism they screwed it up, theres a big difference between the two.

  21. myusernameis654 says:

    You’re right, but no case is the same, some come close, but they are all different.

  22. myusernameis654 says:


  23. myusernameis654 says:

    Me too. I’ve seen every episode, my stranger that is a best friend to be. =]

  24. sbrocksman says:

    I have Asperger’s too. I do have a lot of social problems and it made me totally obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants.

  25. esotericeric93 says:

    I used to see my aspergers syndrome as a hindrance but, now I see it as a privellage

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