Mr Pregnant Tһе Internet Legend. http Mr Pregnant FUNNY IMAGES MUST SEE TELEVISION APPEARANCES Rudetube Channel 4 UK Mr Pregnant Oח Vh1 Undateable VH1 Top 40 Internet Superstars Appeared οח VH1 Webjunk 20 Appeared οח VH1 Webjunk 20 Again Appeared οח G4TV Appeared οח Tһе Dave Chapelle Sһοw Appeared οח NBC News AOL Talks Abουt Mr Pregnant Appeared οח Nеw Zealand Television Appeared οח Forward clip tο 14.12 minutes tο see mу interview.

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25 Responses to “Mr Pregnant Prank Calls A Bookstore #1 Facebook”
  1. MoshiFan321 says:

    Eww you licked yout boogys!

  2. thebest305159 says:

    @bamZ323 your hot dogs

  3. SlotGlassesGuy says:

    HAHAHAHA 0:20 – 0:25

  4. starwarsjunkiie says:

    that you establish…wtf she needs to stfu

  5. icarlyfan1234567 says:

    @BiodegradeableMan hahaha hee hee lmao

  6. 12theory says:

    tbh its nt a joke its actual and factual

  7. guitarman622321 says:

    @12theory nice joke there…u come up with it yourself?

  8. eyesword101 says:


  9. 12theory says:

    that was wat u were doin when i was fukin ur mama

  10. NZMike1337 says:

    do your eyes get sore?

  11. fehquig says:

    Good question! Enjoyed this one…

  12. Conkers1997 says:

    @bamZ323 thats still there on tdays vids

  13. xReppinHoustonx says:

    @MRconner84 there are people who do not have computers, its weird but true

  14. guitarman622321 says:

    what an epic nose pick (and eating it) ewww haha

  15. Reggster2112 says:

    I’m going into a library and asking this.

  16. Jartarf says:

    @tomisinakatkid Wht the fucks that?

  17. metalvocalistwanted says:

    im sorry but that annoying bitch is sucking the funny out of this :(

  18. utrecht555 says:

    i cant believe he ate one of his booger :P

  19. allexfenty says:

    lol this was nice..thanks mr pregnant

  20. Val0n says:

    shnacky shnoww

  21. Val0n says:

    @tomisinakatkid lol what a pussy

  22. JackoxelMAtrixo007 says:

    Mr pregnant i think ur boobs grew more :D

  23. 0xJADEx says:


  24. alwirdo says:

    what flavor is your boogers, mr pregnant? mine taste like crushed roses.

  25. Bramborail says:

    Admirable Id say :)

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