Mr Pregnant Tһе Internet Legend. http Mr Pregnant FUNNY IMAGES MUST SEE Television Appearances Rudetube Channel 4 UK VH1 Top 40 Internet Superstars Appeared οח VH1 Webjunk 20 Appeared οח VH1 Webjunk 20 Again Appeared οח G4TV Appeared οח Tһе Dave Chapelle Sһοw Appeared οח NBC News AOL Talks Abουt Mr Pregnant Appeared οח Nеw Zealand Television Appeared οח Forward clip tο 14.12 minutes tο see mу interview.

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25 Responses to “Mr Pregnant Prank Calls The Pharmacy #12 Urine Test”
  1. AUAirForce says:

    “I feel that my Urine tastes better than sugar it self.”
    -”ahh hahaha oh that’s cool”.

  2. basket2011 says:

    Did you guy had him saying he run out of sugar,that boy talks like little gay hahahah.

  3. f14sh1092 says:

    this video is so dry get a life get a life you loser and lose same weight you fat dork..

  4. Doyounvme84 says:

    lol! Where do u come up with these things?

  5. VIOLETPURPLE1 says:

    no drinks for me ( SMILE ) Bunny

  6. MyNameIsAlii says:

    damn ur weird man.

  7. riktehpoo says:


  8. BenBuffone says:


  9. SuperRorylewis says:

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  10. smylee3760 says:

    u a mad man

  11. awwkool says:

    i have the droid

  12. triwer13 says:

    this is focking boring

  13. TaurusTV says:

    Lols. Thats hilarious, you reall know how to entertain ppl.Lala

  14. Biggestmutemathfan says:


    As soon as he said ” Yesterday i ran out of sugar… i started busting out laughing hahaha

  15. YumaKimChannel says:

    xD hahahahahahah LMFAO

    is this his real teeth but anyway this dude is cool xD

  16. Schansuperrad says:

    XD that pharmacist is my hero he’s just so chill.

  17. NETT411 says:

    The Pharmacy did not have to hang up like that. Can I try some of your sweet p

  18. chaunceycook says:

    you need some teeth

  19. CopenhagenPacker says:

    The best.

  20. ornakola says:


  21. cakebaby1 says:

    I love you Mr.Pregnant

  22. newyork2277 says:


  23. dask8r4life says:

    oh jeez that guys really stupid

  24. BillKiernan says:

    “every now and then i taste my urine” ahaaahh

  25. moriahparker12 says:


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