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25 Responses to “Mr Pregnant Prank Calls The Police “Police Stink””
  1. strapsred17 says:

    this is stupidest fuckin thing ive ever seen, what a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jck2seg says:

    not funny:(

  3. 3iN10 says:

    why did u do that police is still saving ur ass ….?

  4. DandJ420 says:

    what the fuck

  5. rezhin89 says:

    dame so ugly omg

  6. kenndiata says:

    lol this is fake

  7. 9999lani says:

    nice teeth

  8. tylertyler82 says:

    LOL So TRUE!!!!!

  9. 3RegicideBrothers says:

    Ok if this is real then XD, I love it. Lmfaooo
    but…idk has anyone noticed from 0:24-0:26 like you can tell he stopped recording, it’s cut off.

  10. ChildePC says:

    your lucky the police didn’t come to arrest or ticket you.

  11. NeaBabii says:


  12. willbevitt says:

    U cud get in trouble for tht

  13. soiled says:


  14. kayttiii says:

    <3 the earrings ;)

  15. MJobsessed1996 says:

    i love you Mr. Pregnant! your awesome and funny as hell

  16. funkyemobitch1 says:

    his eyes r creepy

  17. b1gkev1 says:

    OMG did he just police stick to to police ….this guy has guts

  18. emmi120 says:


  19. Eriil says:

    “Abuse the police”…lmao

  20. itsSnowman420 says:

    yeees man nice

  21. gjshann4 says:

    well this was completly worth less and retarted

  22. Kikyoshere says:

    wow this is funny but would they geyt pissed n arrest u lol

  23. randomchipbag says:

    stink! stink! stink! stink! lol sooo funny

  24. cpaul1995 says:

    Stink pigshit, stink pigshit, stink, stink, stink… LOL!!!!!!

  25. Dcjaxn says:


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