Tһіѕ іѕ dedicated tο mу 9 year οƖԁ son wһο wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ aspergers syndrome. Hе іѕ such a special ƖіttƖе boy.

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25 Responses to “My 9 Yr old Son with Aspergers Syndrome”
  1. rhondawebb1 says:

    my son goes to the doc today and i will be bringing this up this syndrome here explains my son totaly and i love my boy more than life its self and this may help us help him have a more loving life becouse right now nobody wants him near his own sisters push him away becouse he doesnt understand why on anything

  2. Lroderick721 says:

    I have just been told my 5 year old little boy may have Aspergers Syndrome. He has got to ave assessments now to have a proper diagnosis. This video touched my heart because it sounds so much like my little one. Thank you x

  3. girlphriend says:

    what a sweet little boy! you can SEE the kindness and love in his eyes! you are very lucky and so is he to have you supporting him!

  4. MrGreeva says:

    i was diagnosed when i was 6 years old, One thing i will say is not to molly coddle your son, i was never as a child, but i know people with aspergers who were and it has effected them, to the point where they are still very much like children at the age of 22, i am 19 and act like a 15-16 year old, it is because my mother treated me as someone who could care for himself, i am not trying to tell you what to do,just some advice

  5. prettyflawed says:

    My Son was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD, and Generalized Anxiety disorder.
    Thank you for sharing this video… I watched it through teary eyes.

  6. AngryAspie says:

    good video, greeting from Germany

  7. nazzarakamooney says:

    The style of smile is so familiar – my 10-y-o son does the same closed-mouth pose. Beautiful minds. I’m sure it runs in my family, although my son is the only one officially diagnosed. Thanks for this video.

  8. lisa163 says:

    Thank you for making this vid. My son has AS and TS. You brought tears to my eyes.

  9. AutumnCrusader says:

    I have Asperger’s syndrome myself, and while, yes, when it rains it pours, in general my life is fine

    And I’m personally happy as Larry with Metephors, Idioms, Similes and Sarcasm

    Heck me and sarcasm get on like a house on fire ^^

    I do however have issue sstarting conversations with new people, invitations or introductions bypass this issue

    My social skills are in general pretty good all things considered

  10. joakim8700 says:

    This emotional song does not suit with Asperger, sorry.

  11. Magnez6 says:

    WoW cjtate98 thats right how i feeld wen i was 6-12 until i grove into 13 i grove away from al thos tings :) but yeah thats right how i feel like when i as smaller and i dont know about you kumari d you feeel like that i dont know how old you are ^^ (i got apsergers Syndrom

  12. Magnez6 says:

    i go dianosged for aspergers at 6 and im 14 now my problem now is to spell.. xd

  13. LucyShy says:

    Great vid great message. My son is 7 and we’re starting the Dr. Rounds. School meetings. Trying at home. I just want an answer. Until then, this video was helpful for me to try an understand. So, thanks

  14. MsMarcethebest says:

    Very nice and informative video. Thanks for sharing…!

  15. 1NCRNmommy says:

    Thank you for posting this beauyiful video. It brought tears to my eyes. We have been struggling to get an accurate diagnosis for our 6 year old for the past several years. Aspergers has been suggested and after our own research, we agree this is likely what is going on. It has been difficult because very few people trurly understand, including many of our own friends and family. Thank you for posting this video and helping others to understand what aspergers is!

  16. aspiemom100 says:

    This is a very sweet video, your son is precious. My son is currently 9 & though he was originally diagnosed with PDD-NOS, he is believed to actually have Asperger’s. These kiddos are such a blessing.

  17. numbersonetoten says:

    This is a very nicely done. Love it. :)

  18. galene333 says:

    I was diagnosed asperger at 6 … But my mother only told me when I’ve get 16 … She never told it to anyone else cause she wanted me to have the same treatment as everyone in class, playground … I love her so much but today ( I’m now 18 ) I can explain a part of my personality in that little thing we call Asperger syndrom … Is it a sickness ? No … But a difficulty, for sure.

  19. birds16ful says:

    Your son is a miracle to you, husband & his siblings.

  20. yamiimax says:

    Im not sure if i have it but i have indication of it but still have probs to communicate i have probs with concentration and retentivity
    I just make a rehab to controll my life better^^

  21. Junebugnoe says:

    that was a beautiful video

  22. loopism says:

    To quote Tony Attwood “You don’t suffer from Asperger’s, you suffer from other people”. My son (nearly 4, has been diagnosed with Aspergers recently, so we are just starting on this journey.

  23. QuietAutumn1438 says:

    You have a beautiful son and I hope all the best for him. This video helps me understand my 4 year old so much more. Thanks so much for making it.

  24. jorgen485 says:

    a guy in my class just knew that he has aspergers syndrome (he is 12 years old)

  25. evilgalore says:

    I have assburgers i’m 13, and was diognosed at 11, and some of these are like me, others aint. And I love my assburgers, and am pleased I have it.

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